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  1. I don't like holding it back, it's too much fun to talk about

    The car is torn apart, the engine is coming out this week at some point...it's getting painted next week, it'll be done by the end of the month, and my painter is promising me his best work yet...

    He's got 30 years in the autobody industry, and he owns a pretty big shop here in town...god I hope things go well.

    Not sure if you remember talking about it, but I'm going two tone Dark Shadow Grey Gunmetal Effect (that's the name in the color book...:shrug:) and gloss black up top....

    any idea's for a stripe to seperate the two? I'm thinking a darker silver, but not sure....

    opinions wanted, and I'll keep you guys posted for sure with pics after next week
  2. Silver stripe. :nice:
  3. Midnight blue...
  4. Oh yes. I remember that chop done on your car. It seems to pop up from time to time. If you remember right I went absolutely nuts over it. Can't wait to see it done!

    Good luck with it and hurry with pics.
  5. laser red
  6. :lol: Don't fear the pink:rlaugh:
  7. sweet, man! congrats!

    i say a dark orange for the stripe. forgot who chopped this for me, but i'm still considering it!!!!! especially now that my body kit needs a repaint from my *accident last year:


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  8. Lucky dog! I thought your ride looked awesome before - is this just change for change's sake?

    We will be eagerly awaiting pics. And no, we don't want to hear how much wood the new look is going to give you. :D Remember, anything over 3 days straight is dangerous. You might need to buy a car cover. :D
  9. i want progress pics!!
  10. laser red or an orange like that saleen color i forgot the name, like the color oink did. i think it would stand out against 2 dark colors.
  11. So laser red, dark orange, silver, "teh pink", and berrylium copper are the suggestions so far eh....hrmmm

    the idea of laser red is pretty interesting, but I don't really want to sway from the black and grey scheme, i'd really have to see a chop...

    here's the pic for those that don't remember it.....I'm trying to get as close to this as possible


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  12. I'm thinking no stripe...unless it's a different shade of gray/black
  13. hahaha

    this is a change because, at my work, there's about 4 other laser red V6's sporting mad tight altezza taillights and whatnot, and I don't like to be grouped in with them...our Regimental Sergeant Major actually supports my color change haha

    I won't tell you guys about the extreme stiffy that this will give me, but I will tell you that I can't promise I won't get emotional watching the laser red get sanded away....it's been 12 years, and it's gonna take a while to get used to the new scheme
  14. I also thought the same thing, to keep the dark look going, but I'm just not sure about it....
  15. Are you also thinking of painting the wheels black? I always liked the look of chrome wheels on a black car myself. You should tint the taillights while your at it too :nice:
    What color are you painting the engine bay? I'm not sure about a pinstripe, but if you're going for the monochrome theme, I'd suggest maybe a thin bright silver pinstripe. I can't wait to see the finished product, man, its gonna look sick!!

  16. Make it just like that. That will look SICK, BADASS, AMAZING, ect.

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  17. yea i say go with a thin silver stripe as well. and i am also with tallmf and think the wheels should stay chrome. what ever you choose, im sure it will look amazing.
  18. Aaron I think you should even tint your face DSG too. that's be super sweet.

    Once you get this beast done we're going to all have to get together (assuming mine is on the road by that time).
  19. someone chop a berrylium copper strip to break up the 2 colors.