ok ok I'll update

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  1. thats he most hidious color scheme I've ever seen :p

    dude wtf is taking so long its only been "out for paint" for like 5 months
  2. OMFG!!!! that chop is absolutely gorgeous. make it EXACTLY like that...no stripe to break it up. the wheels need to go black too.

    on a side not, it looks like aaron changed color himself in the pic too:lol:
  3. curious why the motor is coming out? something new going in?

    personally i think the 2 tone is starting to get really played out. almost every mustang owner is doing it. but thats just me.

    that two tone looks good tho.

    what i would do to your rims tho is spray that VHT Tint that people are using on there tails. it would give it that black chrome look which would look cool with your scheme
  4. I still say...
    honestly Aaron, paint the car entirely DSG...
    that's all you need...
    add a pearl to it... maybe a blue... something killer.

    and that's it. :p
  5. Aaron, actually I was thinking of the chop that had your car in the field, like your sig, and it had a cowl hood on it. You got that pic?
  6. I would say that if you are thinking about any kind of stripe, wait till the car is done and use the tape stripe in the color of your choice. If it goes on and you just don't like it or change your mind (or want to see something else) you can just take it off and try something else. That way, you don't have the stripe under the clear coat. If it's under the clear, you are married to it. When you decide what color you want, have it done in "one shot" paint at a local car show. There are guys that bring their striping equipment with them to the bigger events. Prolly cost ya $50.
  7. Again fella's, thanks for all the suggestions....

    it's looking more towards no stripe right now, i guess it all depends on what I think after it's back out

    Jinx - time and money, my friend, I ran short on both with the purchase of the truck, but now everything's back in order

    This was the original chop that set me off...and the one that you remember Tom


    Stephane, haha, I'm waiting for them to make deep dish 03 Cobra's, and when they do, I'm gonna be holding on to both sets just so I have a little variety :nice:

    but you can borrow'em lol

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  8. Yeah, thats bada$$!
  9. I don't dig stripes...on anything but thats just my opinion.
  10. Have a 2 inch wide white pin strip all the way around, then have them write in italics I LOVE WYTSTANG all the way around, no?? maybe?? hehehehehe
  11. This is where I should insert the normal kind of comment you make Aaron. :D

    I really like the shiney wheel contrast. :nice:

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  12. red stripe

    black chrome
  13. That looks Hawt! :nice:
  14. Hmmm not feelin the red stripe or the cowl. I like your first prototype, maybe with a cobra hood and bumper and the black wheels.
  15. somebody chop in a bright silver stripe in there. keep the chrome wheels.
  16. dude was just thinking what about a light blue something like sky blue I guess it would be called
  17. hahaha wow, there's a lot of opinions here

    the body peices (hood, cobra bumper. sideskirts, etc), as much as i'd like to, won't be on the car until later....unless somebody wants to donate a cobra front bumper to me, just don't have the money to grab onto it yet

    I do have a set of C scoops that I'll try out

    Jinx, i think i'm set on no stripe, that way, if i do regret this decision, i can always change it later with pinstriping

    there's really no question with the wheels really, haha.....i'm keeping the chrome Cobra's, but.....buuuttttt.....if they ever come out with a deep dish version of the same wheel, I'll buy a set of those as well, that way I can pick and choose

    JT, Tom....you guys are both pretty heavy into this stuff, so hearing those compliments from you guys reinforces my decision to go with this change....thanks :nice:

    Wystang....best idea ever....I was actually thinking of just painting the entire thing with one big heart with your picture in the middle....

    maybe Dougie can photoshop that up for me...hahaa :nice:
  18. you should paint a nice pretty pink floral pattern on the lower half :drool: