OK peeps got NEW DYNO NUMBERS TODAY!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by mustangfan1990, Apr 18, 2008.

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  1. Looks to me like the intention of this thread was clarified in the first post. Some people need to shut the **** up. :shrug:
  2. thank you....that is exactly it..... thanks guys for understanding my point of view..All I wanted was to tell you guys my numbers. I am happy with pro-dyno and will continue to go there with no problem. Dan and Rob are great guys and they, to me, really care about your car. I would recommend them to ANYONE and have a few friends that needed a tune and they are going there. Its funny though, for some people that dont know what they are doing there shop has been featured in quite a few mustang magizines ie MM&FF, modified mustangs.
  3. well if pro dyno sucked so much they wouldnt be tuning on the average of atleast3/6 cars a week for harris racing out of concord witch allso holds the highest hp number for a new shelby on prodyno
  4. Acually I think they are the ONLY ONES in NC/ SC certified to work on those with the SCT. I am not 100 percent on that. I think there website says something about it. **** I have been there wice and both times they had 4 cars after me in 1 day. I also know that boosted performance has stuff done there too.....so I guess there are ALOT of dumb people in NC :shrug:
  5. actually evolution performance has the highest hp shelby only ones who have twin turbo shelby to! Theres was putting out more on a mustang dyno than yours was on dans inflatojet ROFL

    i wont even bother commenting on harris racing or boosted

    plenty of people tune gt500's in north carolina theres 4 of them getting tuned at trudyno this week so LOL @ u

    I wouldnt call them dumb, just either cheap and dont care about the quality, or just uninformed both work
  6. well since your one of these know it alls how much hp is this car make then ? and btw is it doing it on a stock short block?on a mustang dyno bc i know the one im talking about made over 900 at the ground on a mustang dyno on a stock shortblock but then your rite we aint going there just another one of harris racingcars that everybody will end up seeing on the cover of a mag kinda like the flamed 03 cobra that was on modified mustangs cover, you reall since ur so inteligent why dont you have your own shop o thats rite bc your a jack ass:D
  7. :rlaugh: Yeah I remember seeing that 900 hp one and I think it made like 850 rwtq or something close to that. That insane I wouldnt know what to do with that. He doesnt want to comment on boosted cause he knows he will put his foot in his mouth. I also seen that he went back and erased some his comments LMFAO
  8. lol whats funny about that is you said you wouldnt call them dumb just cheap and dont care about quality......:rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: They buy a 63k car and they are cheap and dont care about quailty LMFAO that has to be the dumbest statement on stangnet yet........somebody take a pic of the computer screen and frame it (kinda like you did with your dyno sheet brandon and brought it to Hickory bragging :rlaugh: ) cause brandon just made history LMFAO
  9. That's alota HP mustangfan.... congrats :D

    I got a dyno sheet that says 72RWHP.... But for enough money on the line i'll pull it outa the garage :D
  10. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: thats funny. I dont think I could hang with that bud. I will keep mine hid to save me from the embassment
  11. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: You think i'm kidding!
  12. nah I know you are serious. I fiqure you was. I think that is what the older 2.3s had. I use to have a 2.3 turbo 1979 idny pace car that put down 186rwhp
  13. Hehe, she's got a lil somethin new under the hood now :D
  14. lol whats that?:Track:
  15. haha when have i ever brought my dyno sheet out to hickory and bragged once again anthony your making up stuff to make yourself look better.

    Is it fun living in your on reality?

    Yeah the evolution car is on the stock motor and yours made it on a dynojet on std #'s theirs made it on a mustang lol.
  16. You coming to the meet? You can bring that monster to that
  17. uhh I am not making things up. I remember when you and like the other 2 cobras that night that I tried to get to race me. One was orange and the otehr I think was pewter. you had a dyno sheet framed. LOL lie if ya want makes no difference to me . I could care less
  18. oh wait.. I remember that, that was up at that place across from wally world cant think of the name of it, we had been to a car show that day and had just gotten back that nite and thats when I told robbie I had put the whipple on and he wanted to see the sheet so I showed it to him. Yeah you came up there begging for a race from someone and then peeled out like a tard and ended up getting us run off because of your stupidity.

    It still amazes me how you take stuff and just run with it, with absolutely no truth to it.

    First it was aaron tunes to conservative because he supposedly tuned john bowmans car to 11.5 on nitrous <which john never had it tuned confirmed by john>

    then when that was pointed out to be bs you said aaron dont let people work on their cars, then that was pointed out as bs

    then you try to quote me as saying one thing when I obviously didnt because you quoted exactly what I said

    now your saying I was showing off my dyno sheet and bragging when in reality I showed it to 1 person who specifically asked to see it. Haha you crack me up

    also gt500's are 45k and since the customer obviously isnt cheap at that point then they are just uninformed which is not their fault just dont know any different.

    Doesnt surprise me that you cant make that correlation, it would be like you putting your right shoe on the left foot and then saying well obviously this shoe is the wrong size and wont fit on either foot.

    or even simpler for you , if its not true then its _______?
    (answer is false in case you needed help)

    why dont you ask matt about his experience at boosted performance and ask him about how it almost cost him a motor
  19. If your so intelligent why cant you form a coherent sentence?

    Why dont I have a shop? Because I dont want the headache to deal with, im a full time college student, do web design, and work a job as well. So why add to the load?
    how did that car run? I heard it never showed to mooresville the next week.

    So I hear paul from modular madness is working at harris racing. check this thread out its a good read about modular madness.


    or maybe this one


    whats details on this harris racing car
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