OK peeps got NEW DYNO NUMBERS TODAY!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by mustangfan1990, Apr 18, 2008.

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  1. LMFAO thats pretty bad when u start talking so much crap that you have to go back and start deleting stuff now im just looking foward to hickory lol who wants to come watch sombody get trained:D :SNSign:
  2. i was asked to so I did <shrug>

    so nothing to say about modular madness? what about that last car looks pretty sick to me
  3. That car put down a little over 600. If you want to see the 900+ hp car take a ride over to harris. There is a black shelby in the shop.
  4. Modular madness was a joke IMO. The only person that worked there that was worth a f**k was paul.
  5. wow can u not find anything up to date? and btw yes paul is at harris and happens to be one of the most respected techs in the area, and btw the cobra well yea the fuel filter was never touched and dont know where they came up with that bs on it and the car being out of time is bs to bc it wouldnt have made over 625 at the wheels so tell me how a 03 cobra being a interfence motor is going to put down over 600 hp and be out of time thats a bs story and any body who knows anything about a mod motor will tell you so .
  6. hey, what about me and rob?

    rob, what is this i hear about a mustang going like 3.97 at mooresville a few weeks ago?

  7. really? I heard that it had a pegged maf at 4k rpms and the fuel pumps were pegged as well. That was all on the pro-dyno tune how did that happen I wonder? Well little clarification I saw it with my own eyes and car would barely idle. NP now, cant believe people still try to tune turbo cars on inertia dynos.

    Also heard that it was tuned with the electric fan not working because someone took the fuse out and didnt bother to put it back in. lol

    I hear putting 20w 50 oil in a modular to keep the turbos from smoking is better idea than putting pump on it to take care of the oil drainback issues.

    Dont worry all the sloppy work is being fixed now. This time when hes told its done and is tuned he can take it to the track without it detonating and damn near blowing up.

    to bad such a nice guy got so taken advantage of

  8. I was at the track the day they ran the car. And road in it. There was no detonation.
  9. draggon that was b4 dick head john come in there
  10. I was talking about people that had full time jobs.

    I never seen any mustang go that fast at mooresville. Maybe a pro mod.:shrug:

    Who is this anyways?

  11. i see how you just point out the fuel filter but dont mention the umpteen million other things wrong with that car. I take it your paul from modular madness since you seem to be familiar with it.

    So what about the k-member bolt hanging down, the fog light messed up, the dash lights on, steering wheel off 80deg, the fuel arm not connected

    hell let me just copy and paste to help you out

    As the car comes off the truck:
    - Every dash light was on (theft, check engine, fuel, abs)
    - Steering wheel was off 80 degrees.
    - MGW Shifter handle (not the knob) was spinning around freely.
    - Clutch pedal was nearly impossible to push in.
    - Fog light was out
    - Wideband gauge was not working.

    First drive:.
    - It was nosing over badly, bucking, backfiring. Had to rev it to 3K and slip the clutch just to get it moving.
    - Vacuum was at 9-10 psi at idle and fuel pressure was 50+ at idle.

    Next day:
    - Took it to have it aligned and the brakes looked at.
    - K member bolt was hanging on by a thread.
    - A/C line was broken in two.
    - Foglight connector broken
    - ABS brackets were dangling behind the wheels.
    - washers missing on k member- AC line was broken and had to be replace.
    - Lock nut missing on clutch cable
    - Bumper was dented/broken. Headlight support bracket broken.

    Took it to the dyno to see what it was doing.
    - completely cut out at 5300rpm
    - So, as long as you kept the car between 3-5300 rpms, it ran.

    Under the hood.
    - wrong idler pulleys/broken bearing in idler (shipped with new BF black idlers installed)
    - battery hold down and bolts missing
    - bolts for coolant crossover tube missing
    - Compression test showed 120psi on all cylinders
    - Intake spacer installed with red stuff, leaking the whole way around.

    Dropped the fuel tank.
    - Sending unit arm was broken off and laying in the tank.
    - Fuel filter was on backwards and clogged (not kidding!!)
    - Bits of plastic shrink wrap (from the new pumps they installed) laying in bottom of tank with bare wires on the pumps.
    - Focus pumps had focus socks, not the much larger 03 Cobra ones.

    Got a new tune from a different tuner
    - He read the tune that was on the car and was appalled. Said he'd never seen anything so messed up.
    - New tune did not fix the backfiring/missing/hesitating, but finally got all the SES and dash lights to go away.

    Decided to check the cam timing.
    - Broken intake bolt
    - Two torn intake gaskets
    - Blown o-ring on crossover tube leaking coolant below the lower intake
    - Cams were off by 1 tooth on both sides
    - Car ran.idled a litte better but major problem still there.

    Replaced a few more parts to try and track down the problem.
    - Replaced ECM
    - Installed 60lb injectors
    - No change

    Other stuff:
    - None of my takeoff parts were returned (they were supposed to be shipped with the car)
    - SCT handheld not used or returned. (they used a chip even though I wanted the car flashed)
    - I was charged for a bad 02 sensor that went bad on their dyno while they were tuning my car.
    - Got a COD notice from fedex for $1065 for the return of my stock parts. I refused the shipment.
    - I have not paid the final invoice they sent the day the car was shipped. That invoice was for an ecm, pumps, dyno 02 sensor and plugs (sent new plugs with the car). Previous invoices for the other work/parts were paid in full by check (at their request).
  12. ah...i see. yeah that place was a mess when john was there.

    its mike with the ragged ass carb'd lx.

    i dont know i was up there at cottman talking to mike one day and some guy that he knows from the track just said something real quick about it.
  13. really? guess intake blowing off due to detonation didnt happen
  14. O yeah now i know who this is. You back in mooresville?

    Sounds like a bunch of bs to me.
  15. Must have been at the track again then. I was there the day they had it a harris's track day. It ran fine all day. I watched it drive down the road when it left.

    The only car i seen the intake blow off of was the red and black 94 95 car. And it was because of a n20 backfire.
  16. nah, still down in charlotte.

    yeah it probably is. i wish mike would figure out how to get his car down the track straight. hes spent thousands of dollars at gibbs getting the 4 link set up and the car scaled and some other stuff.
  17. well considering her buddy at the ford place did the kb and the focus pumps she should talk to them and as far as the bumper and **** talk to the people who transported it when they had the car hung up on boards and **** in front of the shop, and btw im not paul get your facts strait
  18. my bad you just seemed familiar with what happened to the car , so did you work there to?
  19. actually yes i did and just so u know the rear that got screwed up well yea that only happen once not twice so get your story strait and no im not sticking up for the shop bc alot of this happen after i left
  20. so since you have such a huge problem with a good friend of mine paul why dont you inliten me on how he has screwed you over since your just quick to jump on the band wagon and start hammering him and harris when hell harris never even was involved with any of this
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