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  1. I know this is not mustang realted and I am sorry for those that cant help me that I wasted their time opening this. But i need some help. I have a 2003 ford focus zx3 with the 2.0 DOHC zetec motor in it. Ok I was driving home from work tongith and notcied my check engine light came on and then a light above it that has a ! in the middle of a triangle and then I look over at my temp gauge and it is BURIED past the red and I was HOLY **** and I cut the car off right then and there while I was driving down the road and coasted to a parking lot. Then I got out and came to the conclusion there was no water in the radiator. So I put water in it and cranked it back up and it ran the normal temp and I looked under the car and seen water dripping pretty steady. Now it is dark outside so I cant see real well but a steady drip like that and it is coming from the passenger side front of the motor( remembering this is a FWD car) I am assuming the water pump seals are gone and the water pump is bad. So I put more water in it and attemp driving it home PRAYING I did not blow the motor running it so hot earlier. So as I am driving ( biting my finger nails , because this is my only car besides the mustang AND I REALLLLLY dont want to have to drive it on a daily basis with the way gas is now) and I keep hearing a sqeaking sound then it is quiet and then it comes back and it does this the whole way home. now does this sound like a bad water pump? I am think so but my real question is does anyone know how or where I can find out how on the internet on how to change the water pump in this thing. It looks like a **** and I really dont want to do it but I am not paying Ford no more money to work on the POS And help would be nice thanks guys and sorry again this isnt mustang related but I knew I could turn to you guys for help

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    Check it out during the day to see if it's the water pump seals leaking. It does sound like a good possibility of it being the problem, however.
  3. Hopefully you didn't warp the head. If so equipped, I would also check all of the freeze plugs to make sure they are still in place.
  4. yeah I got under it today and it is coming from behind the pulley on the water pump and now my problem is how do I get this thing out