Ok, so im confused...

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  1. Is the Shelby Gt 500 going to be the new SVT cobra, or is svt working on a new cobra as well. If they are seperate cars, anyone have any specs on the new cobra?
  2. The car is called the Shelby Cobra GT500 in Ford's official Press Release and they state that the car is a collaboration between SVT and Carroll Shelby, so the GT500 is going to be the new SVT Cobra. They are making models in between though, there is talk of a Boss and Mach 1 in between the Mustang GT and GT500.
  3. They just announced the California Special is up next. Check out the press release from Blue Oval News
  4. Its not going to be called a cobra from what i heard, just the shelby GT500
  5. The Shelby GT500 (official name) fills the "top-tier" slot that used to be the Cobra. After Shelby and Ford decide to part ways again down the road, I'm sure Ford will go back to using the name "Cobra".
  6. Talking about a joint venture or a collaborative effort between Shelby and Ford is about as plausible as an eighty year old playing in the NFL. Does anyone think that the Ford big shots are telling their highly paid MIT graduate engineers to go sit in the corner while an octagenerian calls the shots. Don't think so guys. The "Shelby" name here is a marketing trick and as good of one as any Ford product has had in recent history.
  7. they never said shelby called the shots, they said they worked together on the project which is highly plausible
    that doesn't mean shelby did a whole lot, he probably just gave his opinions on a few things
  8. Bingo :nice:
  9. and Ford knows that anything they build that has Shelby's name on it is going to be a big hit. Of course, Shelby's input was probably minimal (i.e. with my name comes horsepower and certain design characteristics). Then when he drives the car and gives it a big thumbs up, bang, there's the endorsement :)
  10. The Official name is The Shelby Cobra GT500 and it is the next SVT Cobra. Those who have power leased an 04 Cobra get first dibs on these cars.