Ok, so the rack&pinions suck... What are we gonna do about it?

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  1. yes they are power assisted boxes that use a rack and pinion style servo that is custom made for the box, the ones they have on their website look slick and it would be hard to tell it from an original box buried under all the other stuff down there (sleeper style, i like that :D ) i don't think header clearance will be too big an issue jusdging from what they currently offer, we'll have to wait and see i guess
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  3. I spoke with Flaming River about making a power box. They said they would look into it if there was enough interest...one year later they anounce they plan to make a rack and pinion...six months later they show it at SEMA. From all the heh..positive reviews of their rack. I think they made the right choice... :rolleyes: :p
  4. The powerassisted version of my r&p have now been tested and I´ve made a webpage with some news and pics about it: http://www.vikingmustang.com/news_02.asp

    Thanks to these test results I will start a small scale production for to begin with the northern Europe market this fall. I still have left to calculate production costs and so on.

    The first production unit will be sent to my contact in the US and we will try our best to make this kit available at a competetive price in the US too.
  5. Has anyone seen this R&P kit up close? (see link below)

    If there have been previous threads on it, please point me in the right direction, guys.

    Is it a custom design, or based on a production rack?


  6. hakan, your system is looking sweet for sure, keep us uspdated on the progress :nice:
  7. Thanks, I promise I will :nice:
  8. I send you an email yesterday about buying one. What is "small scale" production? I'd like one in my car by next summer. :banana:
  9. Hi Frode,

    Yes I have received your email, thanks! Just been busy, I´ll answer it tonight when I have more time.

    "Small scale" in this case basically means that I won´t make say a hundred units that I will have in stock, we are talking about something like ten units to begin with.

    No problem to have one on your ´69 ´til next summer.
  10. Sorry to hear that! :lol: I owned one of these when new...'69 Vette, black on black, smoked glass and fiberglass roof panels...good looking, mean looking, a POS of a car. I hated the fact that it overheated in traffic, left me in smogville with no air conditioning and the floorboards flexed like cardboard (and were hotter'n'hell). I was never thrilled about GM after owning that car! My wife owned a '69 Sunbird V6 at the time and the Sunbird was a lot more fun!