OK, this is nuts 11.013 @ 126.51 mph stock pulleys!!!

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 03mustangcobra, May 7, 2007.

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  1. I never said it couldn't be bested... matter of fact it will and should go a lot quicker.

    Take Pure Street cars for example... NA pushing 440 to 450 to the wheels weighing in similar to my Cobra that run 10.20s So yes, I am not saying I have done something no one esle can do. My car should be a lot quicker and I'll tell anyone this.
  2. someone please pass the popcorn.

    Are there any videos and pics of the car/motor?
  3. This is my last post in this thread. It's going nowhere fast. If you have any other ditribe you wish to pass on to me please send it in a PM.

    Jealousy? :rlaugh: What would I be jealous of? I have a perfectly good 03 Cobra myself and your times could be replicated with the same mods and some practice. Again, 440 RWHP + 3155lbs + SRA + sticky tires = low 11's. I don't get it? What's there to be jealous of?
    There was a server crash a long time ago. I suspect your original account may have gotten dumped or deleted as a result. The user name Almo is not currently in use so why not sign up for it and we'll combine the two accounts?
    Don't know. Is that supposed to be some sort of special accomplishment being around back then? :scratch: I did start using the internet back when a BBS could only be accessed by one user at a time and the data transfer rates were 300BPS! Does that count for anything?
    Yes... I also do a good job of filling in missing tech data, helping n00bs, and deleting SPAM, but my work goes unnoticed and without much recognition.... *heavy sigh* As for Stangnet not being active... :rlaugh: . 125,818 users, 248,633 threads, and 2,591,853 posts. Move along people nothing to see here but a dead forum. :rolleyes:
    Again that doesn't do much for our users who don't patronize your other forum where all this info is posted. Hell you and your friends weren't even kind enough to post a link to it for Christ's sake.
    You see you're absolutely wrong here. I only want to set the record straight ensuring the people who read these posts about your records understand the full spectrum of your cars modifications. It's really that simple Almo, stop making it out to be anything more. As for you doing this all for the greater good of the Cobra community... I would think if that were truly the case we would have seen more posts from you here on Stangnet outlining your progress from start to finish as it happened. I guess in your world the Cobra community only exists on two or three boards.
    And you tell us this with a rolled eye smiley why? Are you trying to show how superior you are? LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! Bad form Jack, bad form.
    Never gave you chit there Almo, only stated the facts about your car is all.
    Good for you Almo! I look forward to reading about your faster times.
    Gee.... too bad you won't contribute to our SVT Tech forum. I'd honestly like to hear what the differences are between Lou's drag setup and your street set up.
    That's my whole point! There currently isn't another 03/04 Cobra out there that weighs 3155 with driver, has a SRA, and still runs stock boost. Makes it hard to compare your accomplishments with someone in a similarly modified Cobra.
    Me? Hell I've never run better than a [email protected] and that was at 3915lbs with just a CAI & cat-back. Then again I'm not the one sporting the forum sig claiming to be the worlds fastest either.

    Look Almo, I tried to give you props from the beginning on your times. All I wanted to ensure along with those props was that our users who don't frequent all the other sites understood that your stock-boosted Cobra has more than a couple weight reduction mods and is running a straight axle. You and the people who posted on your behalf left out some important facts in the equation and expected our user community to fill in the blanks by having to go search through other un-named forums. Unfortunately you and your friends get all butt hurt when I inform people of these facts and I don't bow down in praise like so many other forum users do on the other boards.

    Again, congratulations on your great times and I hope to see you run even faster. May I suggest you look into getting rid of that T-56 and go with a built A/T and a good converter. I'm sure the right setup would shave another tenth or more off your 60-foot times and get you into the tens. :nice:

    Good luck and god speed on your quest for a stock-boosted 10.

  4. Video of my 11.013 pass:
    Right Click Save As Please...

    1st pass:
    60'.......... 1.692
    1/8.......... 7.162
    MPH........ 99.83
    1/4......... 11.090
    MPH........ 125.71

    2nd pass:
    60'.......... 1.812
    1/8.......... 7.345
    MPH........ 99.20
    1/4......... 11.294
    MPH........ 125.38

    3rd pass:
    60'.......... 1.639
    1/8.......... 7.108
    MPH........ 100.31
    1/4......... 11.013
    MPH........ 126.51


    My happy shell of a car.

    The way my car sits currently. Still has power everthing except the driver's side seat of course.

    JLT RAI,
    Ugly Steeda idler kit/pulley (sorry Steeda but its true, change your pulley looks already)
    Odyssey battery
    LDC cooling mod
    Johnson intercooler pump
    Single blade plenum with a KB TB

    Fuel, Induction, and Tune:
    SCT Tune on 93 in 60 degree weather made 440/419 SAE and it seen 9.1 pounds of boost and had 25 degrees timing in it now

    Drivetrain/ Suspension:
    MGW T-56 shifter
    8.8 SRA with moser 31 splines/torsen diff (welded tubes and tq boxes)
    FRPP 3.73 gears
    Steeda Antiroll bar
    SPEC stage III, stock recut flywheel
    26 input sline
    Drive shaft loop tied into Excessive’s custom made subframes
    UPR K-member and A-arms setup with coilovers
    Bullitt Springs - one coil cut (Rear)
    UPR upper and lower adjustable control arms with spherical bushings

    MAC long tube headers
    MAC 3” off road mid-pipe
    MAC 3” catback dumps

    GT calipers and rotors in the front/rear

    Corbeau FX Pro seats
    MMR Rear seat delete kit
    8 pt rollbar with a 6 pt harness

    2.5 Cowl Hood
    Aluminum bumper supports (front and rear)

    Wheels and Tires:
    Weld Prostars 15X10s and 15X3.5s with MT front runners and 28X12.5 MT ETs

    Outstanding (weight reduction):
    Rear amp/rack and speakers removed (speakers in the doors also removed)
    Support beams in doors removed
    Sound deadening scrapped out of the car
    Front/rear and passenger seat belts removed
    Rubber wheel stops removed
    12X12 section of insulation pulled from passenger side front under the dash

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  5. I don't have time to go back and forth because this has happened almost a year ago. Addressing a few things though... superior never comes to mind and if you speak with anyone that knows me they would laugh at you for thinking so.

    KB Cobra was mentioned to show that I also had a full weight Cobra with a aftermarket blower but as you type it, even this is turned around on me from you stance.

    Oh and above all and you saying you're posting facts. Where did you get your facts from because my car has never weighed 3155 with me in it. :rolleyes:

    Try 3255 to 3260 with me in it.
  6. See, you don't get it either which is fine with me. I am trying to do this stuff step by step without going too crazy and I have kept it posted a few places to keep track of it. I could very easily take a bunch more stuff out of my car to run an easy 10 with it. Again, trying not to go to far and my focal point has been to keep the interior stock looking. Outside of the aftermarket seats, rollbar, and of course the delete kit.
  7. Also... UM you said you were making sure the people knew what I was running as not for me to make it look like it was something more than what it is. AGAIN, from the start I have posted in detail about my car so your argument here holds no water.

    Even the thread started by 03 I listed in detail what was done at the time I ran the 11.17.


    This will be my last post, I am not going to go out of my way to help a board when a moderator has given me **** and kept poking me from the start because he feels my I am making my car out to be something it isn't. Again, I have always listed in detail everything done to my car. Have fun, all my stuff is located (ALONG WITH ALL THE OTHER QUICK FASTER TIMES REPORTED IN THE Cobra COMMUNITY) on SVT Performance.
  8. Even though I said I wasn't I feel I must make another post.

    First off I thank you for posting all those great pics and the full list of mods again. That type of data goes a long way in showing all the hard work you've done on your car thus far and helps to claify the original post this thread was started with. The car is very clean too! :nice:

    Well when you threw that :rolleyes: after your statement it changes it's meaning completely.

    As soon as the search function comes back on-line over there at your favorite forum I'll post a link where you yourself stated it weighed in at 3155 with you in it when you went across the scales. It was in the same thread where you claimed it weighed 3050 with a 1/4 tank of gas. I thought it sounded funny cause that would mean you only weighed 105lbs!?

    And my point is the 2 threads we saw over here talking about your stock-boosted low 11's end up being misleading solely BECAUSE your full mod list wasn't posted initially.
    A very important part of that post was left out (SRA) of the initial post and wasn't brought out until you came and clarified it.
    Well no loss since you never helped anyone in here (SVT Forums) to begin with. Sorry, but that facts are your full mod list wasn't initially posted along with each new record, but the thread starter expected all of us to know what mods you did have. I didn't give any of you crap until you all started whining that I or others were "Haters" because we didn't immediately :hail2: to your ET's.

    I really don't want to see you go, but feel free to post where you want, it's a free internet.

  9. Meat,

    Either you are Frank Zappa or you, yourself are a grouppie according to your aviatar!!

    Almo has never claimed to be anything than what he is, the prior record was a guy who did lots of weight savings, maybe not quite to the degree of Almo. By your own admission Almo can "row the gears". Your position as a moderator has been comprimised as you have shown yourself as the master of the backhanded compliment in your prior posts.

    You know what really sucks? Almo ran a 10.88 at Mason Dixon a few weeks ago, but retracted the post by an SVTperformance poster becuase he wasn't sure that the lights functioned properly-- I and an other cobra owner have reviewed the video several times and we think the time is good, but Almo has a doubt and is not willing to claim it. So your claimed class of one will continue to do what has never been done before (kind of sounds like a class of one doesen't it!!??). You need to step back and evaluate your position, NBA and MLB regs have been under fire recently because they have not been impartial. If you cannot be impartial you should resign your position as a moderator on stangnet for the good of the stang net community. As a side note, I found stangnet a useful fourm for the first few months of cobra ownership, but soon outgrew it. Other forums have far more users and support the modification of the cobra to a far greater degree than stangnet.com does.

    By the way where does the name Uncle Meat come from? Did you uncle expose you to his prematurely?
  10. 03mustangcobra,
    I don't know where to begin on your post, so I'll just break it down piece by piece.

    Backhanded compliments? Moderator position comprimised? Not so much, except maybe for calling it like it is? I don't see the problem, just like what UM stated, that the Almo fanboys got butt hurt when he clarified why Almo ran those times. Am I impressed? Not really, but my bolt on ~300RWHP 95GT could run mid-low 11's with some weight loss, so that's not saying much.

    NBA and MLB officials being scrutinized? How does that relate to a Mustang discussion forum again? :scratch: When SN starts paying us mods for keeping the peace, I'll be the first to let you know. I'll even donate some money to your favorite charity in your name.

    UM is one of the most impartial moderators on StangNet. Some people just can't accept the truth. Then they want to start a pissing match over it. Do you want some cheese with your whine?

    Please name for me some forums with more members. SVTP? Nope, they're only at around 64,000.

    And while you're still here, have an infraction for this unnecessary and poor attempt to insult UM:
  11. Thanks StangGT1995, but it doesn't bother me 'cause I've been called much worse. Funny how it's now come down to name calling. :rolleyes:

    All anyone has to do is read the thread from the beginning and they'll quickly realize what really happened here.


  12. why did you have to go off and be a kid? You are awefully defensive....
  13. You sir are truly an ass. PM stands for "Private Message". I explicitly asked you to converse with me from here on out via PM, but you felt the need to make our private conversations public because you weren't getting enough attention evidently. You felt the need to post our private conversations so you could attempt to discredit me and this site as a whole.

    Again, this just goes to show how childish about this whole thing YOU are.

    You asked to have your account deleted, so be it sir.

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