ok, what to do

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  1. ok, if I go to college, It will be hard to pay the monthly payment and insurance on the fastback. SO, would I be smart to try and sell it? And just so this doesnt sound tooo bad, I would be getting a 69-70 mach1 in its place. What do you look for in a mach1???
  2. It sounds like from the warm frying pan to over the edge into the fire. :rolleyes:
    You have a Decent start now and are thinking of getting deeper with the Mach.
    The prices on the parts for the Mach's are High $ items.
    Not the eng,trans,susp things, But the trim and interior pieces.
    Figure out a way to keep what you have and improve it.

  3. thats what i decided to do. I can make $350 a month easy even doing full-time college working part time. So, im just gonna keep putting my money into it to make it perfect. Reason I thought that, was I had an idea on how to get a mach 1. I love the 65 fastback, but my dream car for about 6 years now is a 69 Mach 1 428 SCJ with the shaker hood, grabber orange. I know I cant afford that, so I was looking at a 69 MAch1 351W. But, too many people have told me DONT SELL IT, so now its finally sunk into my head that I have an awesome rareity. :)
  4. Not to get a heated debate started, :D

    But when you Have a total stocker platform car of that low of milage.
    It's worth more to keep it that way.

    If you want the Toy to play with, Then start with a solid body and Mod the thing like you want. No Harm, No Foul.

    Just my 2cents.