Ok, what's with the headlights?

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  1. Am I the only one who thinks the headlights & front end on the current pictures of the '05 look like s**t?
    What is with that plastic covering over the headlight? That's really cheap and stupid looking. What older Mustangs ever had a black ring around their headlights? What is that supposed to represent? I think the whole shape of the thing around the headlight makes the front end of the car look sad. I'm also not a big fan of those cheap a$$ looking fog lights or whatever they are. They looked good on the 1969 Mustangs, but not this. In my opinion, Ford needs to rework the front end alittle it makes the car look whimpy now. :nonono: Other than the front end, I like the rest of the car.
  2. I agree, they should smooth out the front end a bit...
  3. Good grief. Why don't you wait until we get actual final pictures of the car before you start ripping on little details. These are renderings done by the community based on the spy pics we have available. They should be taken as general ideas of the final design of the car, but specific items such as what you mentioned are not 100% known to us yet, so the renderings may not be precisely accurate.
  4. The front end has been the same the whole time! Ever since they first showed the concept, the headlights and front end was the same until just now when they have added the fog lights. The same "ring" around the headlights and the same clear plastic over the headlights.
  5. [​IMG]
    1969 Boss 302.
  6. i think the lights are ugly. They went a little too retro on the front end.

    Even my dad, when i showed him all these renderings, he said "i like your better, thats way too retro"
  7. Oh crap, forogot about that one. :doh: The black ring looks ok, but that plastic in front of the headlights I hope it doesn't stay.
  8. I like it. For me the weakest part of the 94-98 and 99-04 cars is the headlight treament. In this sense I much preferred the late 80s/early 90s Fox cars. The 05 design is more bold. With the new headlight/grill design design, less front overhang and (hopefully) no fake side scoops, the 05 car solves all my styling issues with the 94-04 cars. In terms of some of the small details you're mentioning I'd wait til January before you pass final judgement.
  9. I don't care for round head lights, I think it would look better if the blacked out area around the light was the whole lends
  10. im sure you've all noticed that sn95's stock lights only light up from right under the front bumper to 6" ahead of it
  11. I like the round headlights and all. I just don't like the shape of the area around it...I dunno it just doesn't make the car look aggressive. :shrug:
  12. Still has his fingers crossed and waiting till January, However, I do like 75% of WHAT I HAVE SEEN SO FAR...

    and this is going by the poster that FORD released...
  13. GM and Ford should get together to bring back an old ride.....because with the Stang it seems like Ford is going "too retro" and with the GTO it seems like GM is "not going retro enough"....from what every has been saying at any rate. I'll wait for the final pics to decide....but there's got ot be a synthesis in there somewhere....some sort of middle ground.
  14. The plastic covering is, I'm sure, for aerodynamics. The front end already is fairly blunt, so I'm sure every little bit helps to bring the Stand CD down below barn door levels. In reality, I don't think the covering will be very apparent at all.

    As for the overall front end, I think it is pretty good, especially for the more base level models (LX, GT). Sounds like Ford will have different, and likely more aggressive front end treatments for higher level versions for those OD'ing on testosterone. The current front seems on par with the orginal Stangs ('65-'68) in terms of "aggressiveness."

    I had hoped the lower bumper/valance area would have been more like the Concept in how it mirrored and continued the upper grill opening shape rather than the generic bottom-feeder treatment we now see. But perhaps we'll get that with the Cobra.

    As for the fog/driving lights, I'm a bit mixed on that and reserving final, aesthetic judgement for the real car. I am, however, for all the headlight power possible, so on a purely functional level, I'm all for them.
  15. ide like to see projector assemblies in there

  16. I'd like to see GM go "not retro at all". I don't like to live in the past.
  17. From the renders and spy shots I have seen the back of the car looks pretty good.

    I agree though that the front really ruins the whole thing for me. It doesn't seem to flow with the style of the rest of the car. Everything looks good and then you get to the front and it looks like a cheap kit car trying to look like a 70's Stang. I still will keep hope alive for the final production version.

    (standard response here) "But most people will only see the back of the car anyway" (end standard response)
  18. [​IMG]
    I still think the front end looks like the car is sad or something. :shrug:

    I think the rest of the car is awesome though, the sides, rear, and interior.
  19. :lol:

    Haha, because apparently no one on this forum is allowed to have a negative opinion on the new stang. I pretty much agree with everything you said. The whole car is looking good except for that front. I pray that we have a more aero front by January...
  20. The headlight in this render is aimed to the right, that may be what looks weird!