Ok, who did it???

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  1. Yeah, the wife and I had a discussion about this, I said the sad part is that some fool probably bought them and is going to paint them black. :shrug:
  2. I thought about that too last night (still bothering me) and i wrote to the seller first thing this morning and asked him if he could send my email address to the buyer in the event he may want to make a little profit since it is christmas time. i don't know if he will or not (i hope), anyway, it would kill me if some f'n nutcase sprays those panels :nonono: :bang:
  3. Was not me either, but sure would like to find some nice white ones for my Ghia. Hard to believe there are still NOS parts like that around. Good luck on your search, if I run across any you will be the first to know.
  4. I really hope you guys are talking about hatchback panels- not ghia panels, because I had really good sparkling clean white panels (though not NOS) in my ghia that I chopped up doing my convertible project. It occurs to me now that I should have asked if anyone could have used them and I could have cut up some less than perfect ones instead. :( I promise I won't wreck another good II part without telling you guys first...
  5. If all else fails there are some proffesional shops that can do magic on old plastic interior parts. This shop in Calgary has done some amazing restorations on chewed up dashes and stuff: http://www.crtechniques.com/ Just check out some of the sample pics.

    May be cheaper and better than NOS :shrug:


  6. Yes, the rest are talking about the hatchback panels. I decided I better start getting the word out that I need some for my Ghia. Probably can not afford NOS, just need some good used ones. The ones in my car were covered probably to hide cracks in the arm rest. :( I guess if no nice white ones show up I will resort to using standard coupe panels and vinyl dye. Would also love to find some nice white seat backs.
  7. Well...........I WILL EVEN TAKE NICE ONES TOOOOOOOOOOOO and doesn't have to be NOS. :( Please do me a favor and get in line and let me get a nice set first :nonono: . I have been after a set since I got on here. :rolleyes:

    VULTURES! :D :doh: :jester: (j/k)
  8. Don't worry Jon, the coupe panels are different. :D I think we all want you to get a set so we stop hearing about them :jester:

    J/K bud, I really do hope you find a set though.


  9. MAYBE YOU SHOULD READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    I am looking for COUPE/GHIA!!!!!!!!!!!

    NOT conflicting with what your looking for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Get a grip!!!!!!!!!
  10. AOK...Here at work it gets crazy. Musta missed that. Sorry!!! J/K anyway. :jester: :spot:

    In fact, I promise to do this for you, I have contacted soo many vendors on ebay for white parts, that if one comes back with coupe white panels, i promise to let you know immediately, hows that!!! :shrug:

  11. I am sorry as well, I know where you are coming from about work being crazy. Am there myself. I should not have responded so rudely and been more understanding. Thanks for the help on the coupe panels, I would appreciate any and all help I can get and will keep an eye out as well.
  12. You got it my friend...and thats a promise!
  13. HaveII: I have a pretty decent set of tan coupe panels if you are interested. A coat of white dye and you'd be set. PM me if you are interested.

  14. PM sent. THANKS!!!!
  15. Interior parts

    I need some help. I know some of you guys up north do the salvage trip thing, and I'm having problems finding parts for a (non-II). I need some of the interior plastics for a '80 Malibu 2-door. Unfortunately, the sun and summer temps down here are not kind to the plastic used in these (just like II cargo panels). If anybody recalls seeing some of these in the yards, and would be willing to check it out, I'd be grateful. Since it's not II-related, feel free to use the email link below (PMs never seem to work for me).
  16. I have never seen cargo panels in a coupe????? anybody got pics??