Okay, I'm starting to get the hang of this..

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  1. R/T ... .420
    60 ... 1.947
    330 ... 5.422
    1/8 ... 8.235
    MPH ... 87.97
    1000 ... 10.618
    1/4 ... 12.618
    MPH ... 108.72

    Again on street tires. And as usual, I hit rev limiter (6K RPM) again. Hmmm, let's see - with DRs, I wont have to baby my launches. And with 3.73s, I wont hit the rev limiter causing my trap speed to be low. Can you say....low 12s....maybe even high 11s? This has become very addicting.
  2. I need to hit a strip so I can get some times.
  3. thats sweet man. I think you can pull some 1.7 sixties easy... 11's are quite possible. congrats
  4. congrats. mid 12's aren't easy on street tires with a non-drag suspension and full weight.
  5. yeah, I never weighed my car before but I'm assuming it's quite the pig considering it's an auto with a Mach 1000 system in the trunk. Not to mention the KB adds another 75lbs. Also, my H&R SS springs aren't exactly for drag racing.

    oh btw, the car I ran against was a H/C LS1 z28 on spray. I lost....that car ran an 11.2. There was an SRT4 that ran 12.2, and a z06 that ran high 10s. The street cars out there last night were no joke.
  6. awesome times man, its addicting as hell isnt it :nice:
  7. once you get a taste you will be addicted for life i know i am :D wether its watching or racing
  8. cool man, i wanna hit the track soon too!!
  9. awesome times dude... have you considered just getting some taller tires (for the track) to reduce your final drive ratio? You'll get the benefits of great traction, but still be able to keep 4.10s for street use (they must be fun as all hell). just throwing that idea out there in case you havent considered it.