Okay So What Is The Best Exhaust For No Drone Inside Car

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  1. It doesn't matter if you have a $20,000 home theater system to listen to YouTube videos or not. All music formats and video formats that were designed for use on the internet use some form of compression to keep the size of the files to manageable sizes. This distorts and compromises the quality of the recording to some degree even when using the best formats. Keeping this in mind, do you know anyone that owns a video camera that can record in 5.1 surround? Most video cameras can't even record in true stereo more or less anything that can approach true audiophile quality. Add those two facts together and your iMac and anyone else's computer of choice is only going to reproduce the same poor quality of the data that is being fed into it. I wouldn't recommend anyone buy an exhaust system based on a YouTube video.
  2. Those sound really nice actually....like a chopper...kinda
  3. Guy, I'm going to agree to disagree with you on this and move on. Internet arguments are pointless. You do your thing and have a nice day. I'll continue to do my thing. For everyone else I say make your own decision. My wife's stang sounds great with just the muffler delete system and magnaflow tips on it. You all feel free to do what you like personally.
  4. I just bought the pypes axel back system about a month ago, and today I took it off because the drone was so bad that I was getting headaches. I can't say anything for other exhaust systems, but I started my car when there was no exhaust on it and it sounded identical to the pypes mufflers. So essentially, pypes, or any other muffler deleting system is going to sound this way. Very good under throttle, great at idle, and terrible when driving normally. I MEAN TERRIBLE. Like no one will want to ride in your car.
  5. have a listen to Borla touring or S-type... Expensive yes, but you get what you pay for...
  6. Glad I didn't spend the extra $200 on the Pypes system! I haven't noticed any bad drone in the wife's car? I know it's nothing annoying or she would be complaining about it..?? I know the Pypes system uses resonator tips where we just have 4 inch Magnaflow tips on ours...
  7. +1 on the Borla S type.................:)
  8. Another one to check out would be the Speedtech stainless works exhaust system, although it might be a little loud for your liking, I wish I had checked it out before ordering the Borla...

    Speedtech Stainless works

    Borla ATAK

    Although the videos don't do the true sound justice... Totally beats the farm truck sound some of the other exhausts produce IMO.
  9. I'd rather not judge a potential exhaust upgrade from a Youtube video, but that very first one that allegedly has the mufflers cut off and just tips actually sounds pretty dang good. I want to do something for mine, not too fixated on the cost, but all I really care about is a deeper sound. No popping, no raspy noise. Is that a general consensus about the GT 500 axle back exhaust?

    I'd rather spend $1000 on suspension mods, making it stiffer and 1" lower ride and $500 on an exhaust than spend $1500 on a high end cat back exhaust that only sounds good but only nets me minimal horsepower gains.
  10. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the Ford Racing sport axle backs. They're made by Borla and are similar to the Stingers in sound. They have no drone and they're loud when you want them to be. They also cost $60 less than the Stingers.
  11. I agree. I listened to a lot of pipes before deciding to spend the extra coin on the Borla ATAK cat-back system. I get a ton of compliments on it. Like everything else you put on a car, you get waht you pay for.