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  1. Ponca City here....Keep us posted I would make the drive.
  2. I live in Tulsa. Did you Mustang owners happen to see my post on midwest, about the Mustang show that my club is putting on September 12,13. If you would like some more information goto Midwest and it is under Mustang show in Oklahoma or visit our web site @ www.greencountryclassicmustangs.com we have a bunch of classes to choose from. You can print an entry form off our web site. Thanks and hope to see you out there. :nice:
  3. Owasso - (Apprx. 10 miles North of Tulsa)

    Vice-President of Green Country Classic Mustangs, a local club in Tulsa having there 24th Annual Car Show Sept. 12th and 13th at the Tulsa Marriott @ 71st and South Lewis. Visit the web site for other info. and registration forms. Hospitality Dinner for all who pre register before the show on the 12th. Lots of good food and dessert. (My favorite) Put this date on your calender and hope to see ya there.

    Please look for me at the show and introduce yourself.

  4. another from Oklahoma here....

    im the #1 postwhore on www.okdhm.com :D
  5. Yes you are.
  6. El presidente of OKDHM.....

    "im also a client"
  7. I'm in oklahoma, I'm in deadhorse mustangs and just joined green country classic mustang club. I live north of tulsa small town of nowata..it sucks here :( probably moving to sand springs in a year :D I have a 74 mustang
  8. Tulsa o'er here, close to Big Splash/Bells
  9. Hugo OK here, far SE corner of the state, just had a rolling relics car show last weekend, maybe you all can make it next year for you classic car owners that is.
  10. wow.. this thread was pretty old..


    I barely remember posting on it...
  11. thats cause you are getting old :p
  12. North Okc, around MacArthur & Memorial.
  13. Ardmore, ok. Spent the last 3 yrs. in PA. Used to live in Ponca City, not a lot of stangs around in this area.
  14. hey fellow PC resident here :)

    you guys need to check out Deadhorse
  15. Midwest City here. But I've been known to hang out around 104th & Penn. That's where all the rich chicks are.
  16. New guy from Enid here.
  17. Really? :nice: What car you got?
  18. 97' red v6...not sure which red...the really bright one ;) you?
  19. 2000 Performance Red GT, Ford Racing "C" spring kit, Sometimes has Torque Thrust II wheels or 18" American Racing Longboards. Right now I've got the stockers back on there.
  20. if you haven't already come check out fellow OK stangers at Deadhorse