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  1. Stillwater. :D

    OMG, now I can whore 2 boards. :eek:
  2. Fun isn't it? ;)
  3. Lawton here. Just moved back home from MD.
  4. Hi...I think you registered at deadhorse yesterday :nice:
  5. New owner from Stillwater here
  6. Hi, I'm back.

  7. In oklahoma and got a question

    Anyone in the tulsa surrounding area that knows someone or owns a body shop that could help me get a fender,hood and bumper painted at a reasonable price..would appreciate it. Thanks, Josh
  8. were you gone ;)
  9. OKC 68 stang
  10. I thought OK was in the MidWest, not the South West
  11. That's what you get for thinking.
  12. Elgin,OK here
  13. Sorry to drag this post back to the top.. lol.. Tulsa, Ok here around 31st and 129th. I am the founder and owner of CarbdFord.com and I am also registered at deadhorse but I dont end up over there much :shrug: . I have too many mustangs and not enough time for all of it.
  14. I used to live in S.OKC. Near norman.... That was back when we had the 89 GT painted a rare color... chevy ss peweter.. ne 1 seen it? Some people in deadhorse wanted us to join their club,.. this was about a year ago.
  15. Tulsa here. All of us Tulsa people should meet up at the drags or something some night. Think it would be cool if we could get a lot of mustangs out there.
  16. I will be going to the track next weekend if any one else wants to go to get a huge mustang crowd. I will also be talking to some of my friends to try to get them out there also. Send me a pm or just post back here and we could meet up somewhere and drive out there togther or meet up at the track. :spot:
  17. This is my first post- just checking in from Choctaw, OK.
  18. okie down here in southwest

    giving a shout out from Lawton area :flag:
  19. okc, also from the 119th and Western area
  20. Lack of people from the Lawton/Ft.Sill area, but I'm here too. Or you could just call it "L-town". :rolleyes: