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  1. donsbad68:

    where in elgin. prolly seen me around in the 02 red GT.
  2. Tulsa Oklahoma here. Glad to see there are so many okies here.

    I just bought an 02 mineral Grey gt with everything on it.....5 speed, leather, cd changer etc.....

  3. hey, claremore OK here, just northeast of tulsa,
  4. I don't live there but I spend a lot of my time at my Grandparents lake house in Kingston, near Madil.

    My entire family is from OK. My Dad went to OSU, My Grandmother taught school at Grant High School in OKC, and before they moved permanently to the lake house they lived off of SW 89th on Laneway Drive in OKC.

    Cruising/skiing in the boat is an added bonus.

    My Aunt lives in Tulsa, and my cousin lives in Sand Springs, his sister went to Edison High in Tulsa, but that was a few years back now.

    I guess I am the only one in my family that was born and raised in Texas. :rlaugh:
  5. From northeastern oklahoma here, Miami to be exact!
    Oh and have you guys ever been to Mo-Kan, its in Asbury, Mo somehwhere out past Picher.

    I went there and it was awesome!
  6. Going to be new to town

    Moving to OKC from Fairfield, CT 10 months ago I Was in Florence, SC. I got a 03 GT looking to slap a procharger on anyone get a place I can do it heheh!