"Old" 9" Read End

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  1. Someone helped me out a little but since I hijacked the thread I thought I better start a new one. I'm still learning all about my "new" 68 coupe and while looking things over saw that my rear end had two dimples on the aft end of the housing. So its a mid 50's to mid 60's I'm told. Is that a good rear end for a 302 making perhaps 250-275hp? (Could be more but I don't want to make a stupid guess.) How can I find out the gearing?
    Thanks, and I'm learning a hell of a lot just by going through these posts, whether they pertain to my ride or not. There is a lot of knowledge on tap here. Now if we could only harness it for good rather than evil! :D

  2. First of all, before assuming it's a 9" rear, get back under it and check the center section. If you can remove the two bottom nuts from it with a rachet and socket, it's an 8" rear. If you can only remove them with an end wrench, it's an 9". Nine inch rears will easily handle that kind of power. But you should really worry about how the power is put to the ground. It's not really how much horse power it will handle, it's the sudden application of torque combined with too much traction that breaks rearends and axles.
  3. Thanks - When I get out of the Arctic and back to the Mustang, it'll be "check with the wrench or the socket time". End wrench = 9". Got it.
  4. :D send some of that "arctic" down here, we need it, bad :D
  5. You can have it. Today its 30°, misty, winds 30mph. Take all you want. Please. :worship:
  6. 95 degrees here, 70% Humidity, only June and I miss winter already :(