Old magazine tests for 94-95 GT's

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  1. I've been going through all of my old Ford magazines, saved every issue I bought since 1993. Came across some interesting tests with our cars, thought some people might like to see them.

    January 1995 MM&FF
    -Stock 1994 GT with slicks
    [email protected] 2.05 60 foot
    -Pulleys, 16 deg timing, dynomax mufflers, w/above
    [email protected] 1.95 60 foot
    -3.73 gears, 65mm throttle body, MAC headers, 1.7 rockers
    [email protected] mph 1.89 60 foot

    May 1995 MM&FF
    -stock 1994 GT with radials
    [email protected]
    -w/ 16 deg timing, Kenne Bell ram air on radials
    [email protected]
    -3.73's, pulleys, plus above mods with radials
    [email protected]

    August 1995 MM&FF
    -16 deg timing, kenne Belle ram air, 3.73's, pulleys, Bassani headers, catted H-pipe, dynomax mufflers, ET slicks.
    [email protected]

    October 1995 MM&FF
    -same car as above, with GT-40 intake and aluminum heads. THWNN (The horse with no name)
    [email protected] 1.83 60 foot

    June 1994 5.0 Mustang (first issue)
    -stock 1994 GT 3420 pounds with full tank
    [email protected] 2.23 60 foot
    -w/ short belt
    [email protected] mph 2.26 60 foot
    -short belt and 14 degrees timing
    [email protected] 2.24 60 foot
  2. thats some cool info. Seems like they ran very well with the little things they did.
  3. Heres another one,

    May 1997 5.0 Mustang, Bolt-on power article. All bolt-ons were added in order. Rear wheel numbers from a dynojet, hp is the first number then torque

    -1995 Mustang GT
    194.4 271.0

    -14 degrees timing
    196.6 271.2

    -K&N filter charger
    200.6 276.6

    -ASP underdrive pulleys
    208.0 283.4

    -BBK 70 mm throttle body
    209.4 284.6

    -Crane Cams 1.7 rockers
    210.5 283.8

    -Edelbrock performer heads
    216.5 287.0

    -Ford motorsport shorty headers
    221.4 292.4

    -Edelbrock cat-back
    225.1 292.0

    -Mor-Flow catted H-pipe
    229.7 292.6

    -K&N FIPK
    237.2 300.5

    -Edelbrock Performer intake
    265.4 307.7

    -Pro-M 77mm mass air meter
    276.7 320.9

    -Crane Cams coil
    280.8 321.8
  4. the gains that they got with bolting on the heads kinda sucked dont you think

    or is that normal when bolting on heads without intake cam etc.

  5. They're still at 280rwhp with a stock cam, thats not too bad, I think? Look how much horsepower they gained with the intake and Pro-M meter. The intake really dropped the low end power on the dyno graph.

    A year before this article came out, they did the same bolt on test with a Fox and they put the heads on last. So for this article they wanted to do things differently to see how the mods would respond.
  6. I member that article quite well. They did in fact want to add the heads first to see what the difference were when adding the intake last. It was quite a suprise to see how much the intake added.

    But to answer the question... yes, this is about normal as the intake was the bottle neck at that point. They also made the point that its the enitre combo that makes the big power, not the individual parts.
  7. That's very cool information.

    I'm glad they did the MAF late in the game. I couldn't make my C&L 76mm fit when I did the H/C/I swap, and I've been a little disappointed with the high end performance of my combo. Looks like I should pick up some power when I get a good MAF installed (changed my mind about the C&L, going with Pro-M Bullet. Anyone want an unused C&L 76mm? :D)



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  9. Hey Vib, thats some good info, for your FAQ sheet build up.
  10. That is some really neat reading. I wonder if my car could run like their cars? I wish.
  11. I found a few more articles from Ford performance and Super Ford magazine that I'll try to post later tonight or tomorrow. Alot of these tests don't print the 60 foot time wich I think is really weird. That would clarify some of the discrepencies from test to test.
  12. Just thought I would update this for kicks, some people have been asking me for the articles.
  13. WTF? 4 HP from a $40 coil??

  14. Hey how much do you think i could gain from getting my lower ported? And would AFR heads be that much better than if i just got my gt40 aluminums ported?
  15. Talk to TMOSS about getting the lower ported. I would definatly suggest it!! Send him a PM.

  16. The AFR heads would definitely have a better torque curve then the GT-40s, ported or unported, since the port volume would be smaller with the AFR's. Horsepower between the two would depend on how the heads were ported.
  17. I am going to build a 331 stroker. My goal is to get between 350-400HP N/A. This will be a daily driver/smog legal with a set of balls :D I've heard AFR185's, Edelbrock intake U/L is a potent combo with a F303 cam. Is this a good combo for my goal? What size TB, MAF, fuel injectors, fuel pump etc....?
  18. The GT40X heads flow about 215-230 cfm at .500" lift and your intake flows 205-210 cfm. Pretty close match. I'd wouldn't port until you port the heads or switch them as you won't get the HP/TQ hit that you will if your heads flowed 240-250 cfm.

  19. hey, I don't want to ask for free advice, but, I can't resist.. :) I respect your opinions on stock intakes, etc.. but I was wondering, what is the ratio of head-flow to intake flow that is optimal.. ie: do you want the heads to outflow the intake, or, be equal in flow, or have the intake outflow the heads? (I know there is much more to this, ie: AFR heads flow similar to the new Z head from ford but dyno's more) but just curious if there is any kind of rule of thumb !

  20. that's very close to what i'm building and i should get about 375 to 400 rwhp through an AODE.

    here's a link to the parts list: