Old magazine tests for 94-95 GT's

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  1. What cam are you going with to get 375rwhp through an AODE? Thats going to be really hard to reach. My good friend has a 331 with Stage 2 ported Trick Flow heads and intake, along with a FTI custom ground cam. He put out 340rwhp through a TKO and he had a proffessional tune.

    Also just to clarify, the owners of Fox Lake told me that most GT-40X heads they see flow less than 200cfm on the intake side. More like 195cfm.

  2. (is that good friend moneypit?) I would tend to agree, a 331 stroker will get you 10% more hp (avg of course) than a similar 306..
  3. No its a friend of mine from Wisconsin who has a very similar combo to moneypit.

    Moneypit made ~340 at the wheels too didn't he?
  4. Cjones

    My car is a 5 speed what's difference between and aode and my car as far as the HP.
  5. is that 2-4% more HP
  6. Yes, 5 speeds generally don't rob as much horsepower as automatics.
  7. 14.2 at 99mph with just underdrive pullies, homemade cai, and hacked off the mufflers....on a 275 40-17 Radial Tire...with 110,000 miles on it. Is that wierd?
  8. How much would Tmoss charge to get my lower ported??

  9. over .500 (don't remember the exact figure) the guy i'm building it with built the same combo and saw over 400rwhp through a t-5, so we figure 375 or so should be a safe guess for an AODE.

    eddienyr - an AODE has more parasitic loss through the tranny.
  10. $100 labor + return shipping charges. Paste the link in my signature for more info and e-mail me from the site.
  11. Matching the flows is the best in my opinion but a few cfm either side for either piece probably won't hurt a lot.
  12. ok, talked to my buddy and the cam will be:

    .558 lift
    224 durantion
    114 lobe sep.