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  1. Okay, I'm not that old, but I have been a member of stangnet for a few years now. I just haven't really done much posting, until recently.

    My name's Kevin.
    I bought my first Mustang as sort of a gift to myself for making it home from Iraq in April, 2003.
    I had spotted a blue, 2001 Cobra convertible one Sunday evening, which was within my price range. When I went back to the dealership the next day to buy it, I watched somebody drive off in it right as I was pulling into the parking lot. I ended up settling for a red, 2003 V6 premium convertible, instead. I wasn't too thrilled about it at first, but I was considered a "high risk" driver, at that time, and the insurance payments on the Cobra would have been higher than the car payments.
    To this day, I still use that little six-banger as my daily driver. The mileage is somewhere near 200K right now and she still runs like a scalded dog. My list of modifications to this car is rather extensive, so I won't bore anybody with that right now.

    I also own:
    - 1997 GT coupe with the basic bolt-ons. I recently sold it to my father, but the title is still in my name.
    - 2001 DHG Bullitt #3872, which I'm in the process of restoring. The idiots before me didn't take very good care of her. She's got about 175K miles on her and the bottom end is going out, so she's parked until I get a chance to rebuild the engine.
    - 1992 Bronco XLT, 5.0L, all manual. My winter beater/project truck.
    - 2010 F150 XLT, 5.4L, 4x4, all automatic.

    During my eight years in the military, I was a "Heavy Construction Equipment Mechanic" (62B).
    I love turning wrenches more than anything else. If I can't be doing something under a car, I spend my free time reading up on Mustangs and trying to imagine new ways to improve the convertible. I am by no means a know-it-all, nor do I want to be thought of as one. I merely enjoy learning new things, doing my own work and trying to help others who have come across problems that I've had in the past. Nobody touches my vehicles without my presence, unless it's for tires or wheel alignment.

    The people here (for the most part) seem to be pretty friendly and easy to talk to, so I look forward to helping out and, hopefully, being helped, if/when that time comes.
  2. Whats up old guy
  3. Welcome! From a real old guy whom was a 13B & a 63D eons ago.... ;)
  4. I got a new dog and he's been taking up a lot of my time. Haven't had many chances to get back on here.
    At first, when I read 13B, I was thinking 'Wankel engine'. That's one MOS I haven't heard in a long time. My last motorpool Sergeant [I think] was a 63D at some point and was basically forced to change his MOS to 91B, because the only tracked vehicle we had was a D8 'dozer.
  5. Welcome back!

  6. Same here as your Sergeant... Mos reduction & therefore forced to change my Mos; so i retrained as 13B field artillery. Went to airborne school, missed going at the same time with my younger brother only by 2 weeks, & then tried out for special forces.... I did allot of things in the military until my back was destroyed one day....
  7. Thank you, 1968stang!

    Basically, the same thing happened to me.
    I had planned on making a career out of it and retiring, but doing sit-ups caused me to slip a disc in my lower vertebrae. I now suffer from sciatica, which kept me from being able to do the PT tests and, as a result, killed my chances for promotion to E-6. After a little over a year, from the time of the incident, my contract ended and I was out, for good. Five years later, I'm still seeing a chiropractor on a tri-weekly basis to keep the pain at bay.
    I do miss the military life, but going back is out of the question.