Old Performer Rpm Vacuum Routing

Norm Clark

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Jan 6, 2014
Hey everyone. I just picked up an older upper and lower Edelbrock Performer RPM intake for very cheap. The seller didn't have any hardware with it. I'm wondering if any of you guys remember how the vacuum lines are routed. I have numbered them in the pics bellow. Thank you in advance!



wonder how much it would cost to ship you a pair
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Aug 25, 2016
polk county florida
Comparing to several different style upper intakes that I have here is what I would do:
First see if any small ones have a baffle or a turn in the casting, I think that would be for your purg canister if not then don't worry about it
3 pcv
4 vacuum tree on firewall
5 and 6 one of these should be for a dedicated fuel pressure regulator line, and the other egr valve.
1 and 2 I'm not sure about, maybe someone will have more experience with this particular intake.


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Aug 8, 2003
I had one of those back in the day, don't remember anything about the vacuum, but it shouldn't be much different than a performer.
It was a great intake, you don't see many of them these days.


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Jan 16, 2009
I have the same intake. Below is how I have the vacuum hoses run:
1) Capped
2) Fuel Pressure Regulator
3) Vacuum Tree on firewall (it is connected to the "S" tube, on far left)
4) PCV
5) Vacuum distribution block (not sure of the actual name, it has 4-5 vacuum lines going in/out of it, and is located on the passenger side by the A/C accumlator near the firewall) - the vacuum hose from the intake #5 is going into the black colored hose that goes into this distribution block.
6) Capped

The intake was added when the engine was completely rebuilt over a decade ago so I don't know if this is how it HAS to go or if some of these hoses/locations are interchangeable. Works for mine so hopefully it will for yours too.

Good luck and reply back with any questions.



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Jan 16, 2009
Update: After reading the other posts and researching this more I believe that my list is missing the canister purge solenoid vacuum line. My charcoal canister had been removed years ago and the solenoid had been capped off and fuel tank vent line was just hanging there. After reading more about what this system does I reinstalled the canister and ran new hoses - one connecting the vent line to the canister and the other going from the canister to the solenoid then into port #6 on your picture above. I had to purchase a fitting for the intake since it was previously capped, but NAPA had it for about a buck. I just hooked it back up this morning and haven't had a chance to drive the car yet to if there are any issues, but it cranked right up and sounded good as it idled. Supposedly it will remove the lingering gas smell and help increase gas mileage. I'll update after I drive it some.

If anyone else has this intake and have run their vacuum hoses differently please chime in.