Old School - Intake Shoot Out

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  1. And we're all still pretty sure it's a dumb idea :shrug:
  2. :rlaugh: Well....., they did it with AFR 185 heads and 347 so its in a ballpark im good with. They used a much bigger cam than i will so i think it will please my under 6000 rpm street needs. I can always still add boost later @84Ttop with the dart block :nice:
  3. You do realize that if you h/c/i it like a 302 it's going to run like a 302. Just saying
  4. Well being its a DD and that xe292 cam they used with AFR 185 heads with the gt40 intake made i think 450/450, but basically i'm looking at the intake supporting those n/a numbers with a larger cam, if it supported the hp numbers with the larger cam, it will hold my dd needs with any cam smaller than that. I feel basically the intake will hold my chosen rpm band.Giving up the upper 6000rpms for the torque curve i want on the street.
  5. For the $400 or less an intake costs, I would upgrade and sell the Cobra intake to recoup some of the cost. It may do the job, but why not put a better match on?
  6. What heads are going on this?

  7. I really like the cobra, probably gonna' get the AFR 185 too.
  8. i agree run the ported cobra intake your 363 will be a torque monster. Why move the power up the rpm band if you dont race it. IMO i would put as much area under the curve as possible. That will make a really fun street car.
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  9. I've used the term Torque Monster before :rlaugh:
  10. what cam????
  11. That is the $64,000 question!!!

    So custom grind is on the table obviously cause it's a torque build but I'm also considering the xe270-12, tfs 1. Here is goody_seven's dyno from another site with a 331 AFR205 with 3.55's using the xe270-12 with 1.6 rockers, so only .512 lift and not .544 with 1.7's with that cam. Also had high rpm intake but the torque powerband is pretty appealing. This is rwhp_rwtrq also.

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  12. Engine talk aside what transmission are you planning to hold all this together with? You are shooting for an engine that will make 400+ to the wheels. How are you going to get that to the ground? Don't dare say t5.
  13. and what a curve it is! makes me wonder if i should rip out my e303 for a better option while its still on the stand..... just keep in mind a wild 302 cam will be mild in your 363.
  14. I know right, gonna' try and figure that out as I'm going. The build will be possibly be done by the spring, so I'm looking for a deal or options. What is the min and max of my choices now that you recommend??
  15. Goody_seven said they're grandma could drive it on the street :rlaugh:
  16. This is my current ecam set up, cam is advanced 2* ....

  17. If money was no object? Viper spec t56
  18. Min and max...lol
    Got a step up and graph of choices??
  19. Auto c4 would be the cheapest bet. Tko 600 is a great manual tranny but it still run 3k to install. Not much less than a 6 speed conversion.