Old School vs. New School.......sick of the all the B.S

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  1. Ok, I wanted to find out what the problem is with half the old timers. After reading all these threads, reading all the ****ing that goes on about body kits and other modds I need to know, Whats the problem? All I hear and read is that Ford and other companies are ruining American Muscle. After market crap, modding this, modding that, body kits, BLAH BLAH BLAH-- So to all you people crying, STOP, its not doing any good! I would say that Ford is pretty damn smart though for targeting the youth movement by having all the after market stuff. So for all you "old timers" that do nothing but complain, be happy an American Car Co. finally got there head out of their ass and have decided to win back the youth in this country. It’s about time someone stepped up and started taking back the business that we are losing to the rice burners! I for one am happy that this has happened because now you actually have the option of buying American and modding the $hit out of the look and performance! If you don’t like the stuff DONT BUY IT, and if you do then go nuts! Just my take and my opinion but I am sick of all this.
  2. "finally got there head out of there ass"...s/b their head out of their ass :D
  3. who is ****in about about modding domestic muscle cars?? who doesnt mod them? i see nothing short of the viper and Z06 being reasonable factory cars
    and if you buy a camaro/mustang/whatever, you better make it go at least 12's or better. LOL :D thats just me..... :nice:
  4. Man where have you been, people have been modding american made cars since the 30's.
  5. i think he's referring to the people who **** about the abundant amount of body kits and whatnot out there that make the mustang look like a wannabe import tuner than an all american muscle car.

    i agree 100%. if you want your car to be old-school muscle, than by all means have your way. it's just not what a lot of the young demographic think is cool, like it or not.

  6. It would be so refreshing to read an opinion where the writer has the maturity to make a point without calling people names and putting them down. One thing is for sure, kids today seem to have a vocabulary of words limited to four letters. :bang:

    That being said, I remember a post just before the 05 Mustang came out where a youngster, with language skills much like this one, wrote that he would never consider owning a Mustang because Ford wasn’t smart enough to build a V6 with at least 250hp like the Japanese were already doing. Seems a V8 just wasn't rice to him.

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  7. face....WTF are you jibbering about?
  8. I believe that you buy a car because you like it. So, since it is your money, then you should be able to do what you want. If you want the stang to stay muscle, then don't put on a body kit. If you like the kits, then put one on. You don't need to have a Civic if you want a body kit. Cars should be an expression of who you are - not who everyone says the cars should be like.
  9. and your point is??/

  10. Like basically everone else said, the car is yours do what you want. People will flap their mouths all day about how they do or do not like certain things on their car. If you don't agree with them then don't listen. You should be able to do whatever you want to your car and don't care what others say. But please oh please don't put lambo doors on a mustang :notnice: ....j/k....
  11. Guess face (with 1 flaming post) decided to go back to his bong....he hasn't been back with anymore unintelligent drivel.
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  13. What forum are you reading?

    It doesn't seem to be the same one that I am. :shrug:
  14. In my personal opinion, I think body kits look like ass. I was a kid in the 60's, it just doesnt look right to me.

    That said, Im not knocking anyone who does anything to thier car. Just because it doesnt suit my personal taste doesnt make it wrong.

    Im just glad they are spending thier money on cars, not crack.

    Mod on!!!!!!!!!
  15. Buy American! :flag:

    Thats about as old school as it gets.
  16. :lol: :rlaugh:

    Maybe I should add something to the forum rules about not hitting the pipe before starting new threads. And another new rule about e-penis measuring.

  17. those two rules would be most helpful
  18. I finally figured it out. This guy must have gone psychotic when he lost an enormous amount of post from the forums crash. That is the only logical explanation that I can come up with or graphicguy is right.
  19. Thanks for the help

    This is great!! I want to say sorry I cant post on here all day like some of you but its called a job and school. As far as me “hittin the pipe”, well um no not into that. The best thing was hearing an old timer call me immature! Or maybe a guy named Duner talking about e penis measuring….ok with all that said; Duner, you have over a thousand posts, what the hell do you do all day except e penis measure?? Now let me also say this, this thread was for my Masters Thesis study in Sociology on how different people would react to things they didn’t like reading. Great job guys you gave me a little help! The thing was none of you actually got what I was saying. What my point was is that I have been reading older guys say that they think body kits are “bad” and should stick to the “rice burner” car. I also read younger guys saying that Tons and tons of hp is cool but they want the “Look mods” any ways great stuff fellas