Old School vs. New School.......sick of the all the B.S

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  1. Actually, there was member of this very site that did just that.
  2. Borla catbacks

    SVT: how do you like those Borla catbacks?? My 05 GT girlie will be here in June and I'm still debating the exhaust issue. I've heard all of the debates from Flowmaster to Bassani to JBA to MagnaFlow. To be honest - I'm not sure which to choose. I want an authentic old-school 'Stang sound. What are your thoughts?
  3. Unfortunatly, alot of this info is not true. They are not graciously rescuing rusty hulks of classic mustangs. They are buying the decently priced "project" cars that the average Joe could afford. This has also increased classic mustang pricing across the board further limiting the "hobby". The biggest problem classics guys like myself have with these cars is that $$$$$helby has called these cars actua Shelbys and added them to the registry. All these cars are just mustangs with simple bolt ons anyone could buy from the aftermarket. They (UP, Sanderson?, Shelby) are not doing ANYTHING special to these cars except jack the price
  4. I like it a lot. It doesn't get as loud as some of the others. The problem with the modular motors is. You will never get the same old-school sound. The motors are just too smooth. They don't get the loping sound like my 66. That being said. I like it. Though at the prices Borla wants for most stuff. I'm not sure it's worth it. Unless you REALLY like the sound. But the same can be said for Bassani usually.

  5. It means I use what I came stardard with to good effect. No MODS are needed for my equipment to function well.

    I'm trying hard not to make another duner penis joke here....but it's getting harder and harder. :bang:
  6. It was just my rebuttal to a statement. I am not asserting it on anyone. I simply stated that I personally disagreed with Red's statement about the "Body Kit".... It is my understanding production figures on these vehicles are limited I am sure sons and DAUGTERS and theur father can still locate a 66-68 fast back at a decent price. Broad based generalizations are scarey things. Heed caution when using them. The vehicles are not collectors vehicles. The ones I have seen in their shop layouts are usually rust buckets and already missing engine and tranny. I do not know their exact purchase protocol for the fastback... I retract my statement if it is incorrect.... I would not agree that a lot of the information I presented was incorrect. The information is as tactual as you can get since i pulled it directly from UPs catalogue. LOL..... My opinions may be flawed, that I will agree with. :D

    I apologize if I offended anyone with my rebuttal to a specific pointed phrase from Red, it was not my intent to offend anyone. However, when comparing the contextual aspects of the original comment to the end result we are off topic. My point was, in fact, it was not a body kit only. And in re-reading my closing sentence I should have stated more clearly... "They are not just adding a body kit, they are reviving MY American Dream".

  7. Great, thanks. My brother installed Bassani exhaust on his 04 Cobra and raves about it. I was tossing around MagnaFlow and JBA, but will probably have to go with the least expensive.
  8. That would bw my suggestion. I can't say I have done enough research to know. To know which one would be the best for an 05. At least not yet.
  9. Don't forget about SLP. Have it on my Cobra and it does remind me of a 60's muscle car now.
  10. Looks like the original poster high tailed it out of here after we called BS on him........ :bs:
  11. Typical Troll behavior.
  12. never mind...........it's already been said
  13. regardless of what everyone else thinks..... im getting the Saleen kit and exaust........ it dont look like its from Japan though....... more like Italy.
  14. i like the Saleen look. It is not rice, unless it is on a V6....
    nothin worse than walking up to a great looking modded Mustang, checking under the hood and seeing a 6 pack.
  15. Sorry, had to do it.

    Thats going to throw off the measurement.......................
  16. I bought the Razzi Body kit and I have a V6, I dont know why people act like you cant hook up a V6, the car is still fast, faster than older mustangs, and more than half of the ricers on the street.
  17. i guess it is our opinion , that "hooking up" (i don't know, are you towing it somewhere??) a V6 is a huge WAISTE OF MONEY. Drive it, wash it and keep it clean, save your waisted money and plop it down on a V8 which is really what you wanted in the first place and are now compensating for lack of engine with an abundance of plastic. Now if your "dream car" is a plastic'd out V6 Mustang, God bless, but somehow I don't think it is.

    Just my honest opinion

    Please understand, I find nothing wrong with owning a V6 Mustang.
  18. oh, you must have a 2005 GT.
    oh wait...no you dont.
  19. You mean, WAS FASTER! Now consider the loss caused by the drag of that silly looking(my opinion), probably unpainted, body kit and you just found yourself getting handily outrun by any other stock V6 Mustang made today, and you've put yourself right back in with the Civic crowd. Nothin' wrong with that if you like it back there. :p

    Adding things that SLOW a car and hinder it's performance simply don't get it for me. Of course, I have some understanding of aerodynamics as well as the need to keep parts cool, too. When I was 16-25 none of that had sunken into my head yet. Thankfully, these hideous looking body kits weren't made yet. Then again, the Saleen kit was available before I was 25... Hated that gawdy tail!