Old School vs. New School.......sick of the all the B.S

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  1. I dont care, Its my car, and I'll do what I want with it. its not ugly anyway.
    I'm just saying, people keep talking **** about the V6, likes its slow or something, the thing is fast.
    Only reason I dodnt buy a GT is because they were too much, and I wasnt going to pay extra for stuff I would replace with aftermarket anyway (rims, exhuast, body kit, stereo system)

    So shut up about it. :fuss:
  2. Man, people call 11-12 second V-8s slow. Fast/slow is all a matter of perception.
  3. You like your car. Great. Most of us don't really care, even when we think the body kits are ugly. To me, most are ugly. That's my opinion. Same goes for what's fast and not. Some think 15's are fast. To me, it's like crawling through the 1/4 mile. Such is life.
  4. Boy would I loooooooooove to line up next to you one day :D


  5. I was reffering to 98-04 stock mustangs, GT's.
  6. Your stupidity amazes me. A weak attempt at an insult at best.

    If I wanted one, I'd have one. I know I don't make enough money to own a V6 with a Razzi kit so a Mustang GT must be way out of my financial reach. How dare I like anything but an 05.

    There's a big big world out there outside of the fast and the furious little man. Open your eyes and check it out some time. :nice:
  7. You actually think your V6 is faster than a 99 GT :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    If you think your car is the only car worth owning, you might be aMYOPIC LOSER
    I came here to just add my opinion, and say what I was doing to my car. MY CAR!
    And all you pricks start insulting me.
    I dont care if you like it or not..I might not like your car, I might think 80's -2004 mustang's are the ugliest car's ever made, but I dont say anything, cause its your car...and you probably like it.....and who am I to insult you.
    I like what I like, and trust me, its not going to be a cheesy ricer rip off. I wouldnt tdo that to a Mustang.
    at best it will be a budget version of the 3D carbon Stang (white with red stripes)

  9. You didn't have to say it, it was already apparent hence my Myopic reference. You are just the next ignorant person in line who thinks the only Mustang ever made was an 05. Nothing wrong with owning an 05 and nothing wrong with owning an 04, etc.

    You do have some learning to do in the realistic expectations department. I am sure that'll happen this summer when a "much slower" 99 GT blows your doors off.

    It is sad you don't appreciate the older cars, lots of cool stuff in the years you mentioned. Oh well, I'm sure you labored between your mustang and a Tiburon. Those Hyundais look cool don't they??
  10. What are you talking about, I love older cars......I hate all those Honda's with the fart tubes and aluminum wings, when did I ever say I hated old cars.
    Either your retarded or you cant read.
    My last car was an 85 Firebird...beautiful.
    stop making things up.

    I'm sure alot of cars can beat mine, I never said they couldnt....what I did say was the 05 V6 can also beat alot of cars.

    I'm sure one day you'll run into a Ferrari, Lambo, or Porsche owner who will insult you and say your 2003 Cobra is slow and not worth a crap.
    Until then...............
  11. I'm not THAT old but my tastes are definitely what I'd call old school (check my sig). But a few things I want to add to this TFH...

    I will be shopping for a new front facia sooner than I thought. I went out and waxed my 05 for a while this past weekend and saw many small chips/dents in it already. It is a little over 2 months old and has less than 2,500 miles but it is taking a helluva beating up front. I don't know if it is crappy paint or crappy plastic or what, but at this rate it'll look like japcrap by the time a year goes by.

    I am not looking to put any chrome wheels, or spinnahs or 22s on the old girl, but maybe a little lowering and some black/grey/satin 18s would work, whatever I do the rubber has got to be wider. The factory tires look like they belong on a Taurus or something.

    I am not going to do any fake scoops or even real ones that direct air to nothing. Maybe that is what the younger generation of ricers lean towards :shrug:

    I wont have a kickin sound system, in fact you'll neve hear my radio from outside the car...AM radio sounds bad if the volume is too loud anyhow...okay, maybe I AM old after all LOL.

    I wont do any mods designed to attract attention or get the "look at me" crowd to turn their heads. I've found that all that gets is negative attention from Johnny Lawman anyhow and I am enjoying my rates very much thank you.

    I agree with the original poster's opinion that FoMoCo was smart to design a Mustang that appeals to and if affordable to younger buyers. Of course, it doesn't take a 2005 Mustang to point that out I'm sure the same thing was said from 1964-2004 too!
  12. I know you and I know that car. No way the 250ci inline-6 with the 3-speed will beat an 05 V6, your car is even still in primer!


  13. :lol:
    yeah...what he said!
  14. OK, explain this and I'll "understand" you. Oh wait, I'll explain it for you and save us both time. I don't have an 05 GT so any car I own is lesser than yours. That is what this means, if that is not what you meant, head of to Personal Communications 101 and pay attention to the professor.
  15. cause you were talkin all that junk about how I shouldnt waste my money on a "V6", and there not worth it, like you have the GT.
  16. I forgot what the original point to this thread was. I do know that we are done with the name calling.

    Some of you guys need to relax.
  17. What does me having a GT have to do with you waisting money on a V6.

    I am going to talk to a rock now. Now that I have been prepped. :stick:
  18. That's 200ci thank you very much :D
  19. You're such a goof. You don't even have a clue what Edbert is talking about. Go back to your body kit

    Edbert, I am going to post a funny story in the classics talk section regarding the big Knotts show this past weekend, me and r100rt (twin turbo fastback guy). You should read it you will get a laugh.
  20. i would love to line up with you....my car is nearly stock