Old School vs. New School.......sick of the all the B.S

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  1. this is rediculous.you have a v6, which you believe is faster than those model GTs.(which i don't agree with) Now granted there is more than speed to owning a nice car, but in this instance, you are using speed as the determining factor. Where in this case, your car will loose. end of story. If you were talking looks, that is all in the beholder's eyes, and as far as i care, run the car into a telephone pole, just don't get hurt. I may not like what it looks like afterwards, but it in no direct way effects me or my life. So as far as the Razzi body kit, go for it, and I hope you like it. and off the top of my head I can think of a dozen cars that I like more than the 05 v6. (now remember, this is my opinion)
    98,99,01,03,04 cobra 03 anniv. cobra
    00 R
    01 GT
    01 Bullitt
    35th anniv. GT
    03, 04 mach 1
    all saleens, roushes, steeda, ect....

    basically everyone from 98-04. Unless the car has the 05 GT styling it does nothing for me. needs to loose the cheap looking wheels, that ugly exhaust, ect.......and it just lacks the oats. And every car mentioned here, will hand you your *ss. Now that I'm done with my rant, I'm sorry if i offended anyone........lol, no i'm not. It's my opinion, and just like all of you i'm entitled to it.

  2. Bleeblee, you're a tool if you think your '05 V6 can beat an any GT built after 1998. I'm pretty sure I could beat you in reverse in my '01. Oh and before you mouth about the '05's, I have an '05 GT, so save it. Go back to your ugly body kit and leave the tech talk to the grown-ups.

    It's moronic comments like bleeblee's that pit Mustang owners against each other, and it's truly sad.

    Look what this thread turned out to be, "My car is better than yours."
  3. LISTEN TO ME....
    I.........NEVER..........SAID........I........COULD....BEAT ...ALL......OLD MUSTANGS.
    I said it was faster than some.
    and I quote "faster than older mustangs, and more than half of the ricers on the street"....by this I meant SOME.....now If I said it was faster than ALL Mustangs.....your comments and replies would be warranted. :damnit:

    If I was looking for speed, I would have bought a GT. But thats not the case.....with a few mods I can pump up the HP.........but whatever....

    "Look what this thread turned out to be, "My car is better than yours."

    NO I dont think my car is better than anyones. :nono:
    POINT BLANK. All I was simply saying was that the V6's arent slow pieces of junk that everyone say's they are!...hold on not everyone say's that...only people with a faster car.
    I'm sure Joe Blow in Beverly Hills who's driving around in a Lambo Countach thinks your GT's and 40th anniversary's are slow pieces of junk also. :nonono:
  4. HUH :shrug:
  5. Wha Wha What?!?!?! :jaw:
  6. Now, I am being nice here so do not be offended.

    1) Your car is slow. (That's OK so long as you know it).
    2) You posted and it is quite obvious you wanted a GT.
    3) You bought a V6 out of cost consideration.
    4) If you now, take the money you will spend on a Kit and any mods, in less than 2 to 3 years you can move up into the car you want. Trust me, all the body parts in the world will not fill the hole in your engine bay.
    5) Nothing at all wrong with owning a V6 Mustang. It is however, not worth the $ your sinking into only because it will never be the car you want.

    So, this is only a small intervention to explain my stance. You will never get your invested money back and if used properly, it can get you what you want.
  7. It's only a couple of years away if you save your cash.
  8. Hey guys, you can debate the opinions but PLEASE leave the prsonal insults out of this...PLEASE!

    I'll a gree with one thing Bleeblee is saying though...the 05 v6s run what in the 1320? 15.0? Just guessing. Well a 15.0 would be about the equal of many classic Mustangs, slower than a big block or a Boss or a Shelby, but just about in line with a 2V or even 4V 289/302 in a 64-73. I always used to say in high screwel that my old car (I always owned 67s) would run with a new Z28 or Vette, and back in 1980 the Corvette came with less than 200hp. But since around 1990 the manufacturers are doing some amazing things with drivetrains. I cannot beleive how well the live axle in the 05 hooks up. I also cannot beleive the V6s have as much or more power than the early 5.0s, the same early 5.0s that claimed "the Boss is back" too!

    Bleeblee, I for one am very glad you love your car and you should not feel bad about not owning a V8, nor should any of the other members here belittle you for it. Of course you should type with a little bit of self-restraint and research what you say before you post (that goes for everyone me more than most). That black 66 coupe of GP001's up above runs mid 12s all day long on pump gas and just motor. It USED to have a 3spd/200ci, now it has a firebreathing 347 and a Richmond 6-speed :D

    Since I could easily afford a GT the only argument I can make in favor of the 6 for me is that it would be easier on my insurance, but if I was under 21 that would be a huge difference! Besides, with the money you saved by buying the V6 you could trick out the car and probably run about even with a stock V8, just a guess but a supercharger costs less than the V6-V8 price delta and should make that car scream! It is the exact same argument I have with a coworker who drives some sort of Lexus that he paid almost $50K for. He says his car makes more power from a 4.3L V8 than I get from my 4.6. Considering his car stickered for almost twice as much as mine it means NOTHING, "give me an addition $23,000.00 to dump into my 05 and I'll see you at the track" is what I tell him.

    Everyone, go a little easier on each other. You'll live longer and enjoy life more for it. Carry on. :flag:
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