Old School vs. New School.......sick of the all the B.S

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  1. GTJade...

    Of course.... I got the sarcasm... I learned long ago that a few shots a Patron and a Digital camera can bring embarassing consequences.... LOL....


    Yes, MILFs, can be great, when we have the time, the energy and can actually get alone with a "buddy" for a few hours.... LOL .......
  2. this is for duner......


    Okay..... Gotcha covered there bud.... Sorry for the topic change there... :OT:

  3. Oh reeeeeaaaaaalllly...?
  4. The only word I can think of is...MOUNT!!!!
  5. Patron!! :drool: Hell, let's add Herradura, Don Julio, Tres Generaciones and El Jimador! :drool: :drool: :drool: Consequences? Who cares??? :D
  6. LOL... Exactly...Although I can recall one episode where I asked a Stang buddy of mine from Canada to come out to Cali and bring a buddy, I would even pay them.... Ah hahahahahaha..... Oooppppps... 1st - Underage 2nd - isn't that pandering? 3rd..... He sent me an email and asked me if the "offer was still open", and how was I feeling.....he was so sweet, he even showed me one of the picutres I had sent him...... EEEEE EEEEKKKKKKKKKK.......... Not good. Luckily, my face was NO WHERE in the photo....

    I am a responsible, executive type lady...No need to spread THAT around the net.....

    Jade... You sound fun..... Too bad we couldn't get together with some of the fellas here and "school" 'em a bit on the fine art of being a..... Sophisticated Lady Stanger..... LOL
  7. Eeek! What happened? Here we were enjoying ourselves...I had just drafted a rather lengthy and witty (or so I thought) response to you, Jenn, and BAM! For a moment, I thought I was having one of those tequila-induced black-outs! :p
  8. LOL..... Okay... back to lengthy and witty.... Just had one of those TMI (too much information) minutes, I guess.......

    How are you enjoying your GT? Planning any modifications in the near future?

  9. Jenn -

    Well, thanks to this forum, I now have a rather lengthy wish list. And it really is a wish list. Lemme tell ya, I'm a rather independent gal and never thought much about the income factor w/regard to my serious hookup. I am now living to reconsider that. Not to say my SO doesn't pull his weight...just...just...well, I don't really expect him to pay for a new set of wheels, tires, etc. And at this point, I'm not willing to sacrifice regular hair and nail appointments, clothing, stuff for the house, vacations, etc., to pay for some of my mods. BooHoo I want it ALL!! :damnit:

    But, seriously, my wish list includes the following:

    Lowering springs
    Chrome wheels (not too bling)/tires 18X8, 18X9 (I think)
    Cold Air Intake
    SLP Loudmouth (I'm rather shocked at myself for this)
    Satellite radio (rather have something nice & integrated)
    Sub in the rear and new rear deck speakers
    Interior dress up goodies
    Painted mirrors (maybe even stripes)
    Sequential brake lights
    Hmmm...what am I forgetting??

    I'll accumulate this stuff over time...gotta learn to practice more delayed gratification!

    Oh and my point above - since you're a single gal - here's a bit of advice from your new stang/tequila lovin' friend in Texas: If you find someone you like, let his income be a factor. You can buy a lot more stuff for your stang when you aren't shouldering everything yourself!

    Yup, I'm jaded? :rlaugh:

    Edited to add: And yes, I absolutely LOVE my GT. And like the wives of our stang lovin' guys, my SO is completely sick of my obsession w/this car. Hee hee...
  10. :D Conjures ALL KINDS of images!

    Naughty mommy!

  11. UH does this mean I have to take my peace sign off the back glass of my o5?? :D
  12. Wow you're psychic :D
  13. WOW, couldn't read all of that, but mines definately modded.

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  14. Looks good!

    Also, has a V8 so you can back up the looks with some bite. That is the way it should go. :cheers:
  15. Was there a point to this thread?

    :) must have missed it, whoops :)
  16. Old School vs. New School

    Had a 69 with a 302 Boss (sold $1,400 1984) - stupid, stupid, stupid move :bang: :bang: :bang:

    Now have an 05 with a 271 :banana: :banana: :banana:

    I have had old school, now have new school.
    I wish I had both b/c they are both awesome! :cheers:

    Nuff said. :D
  17. I couldn't agree more (see sig). My new one is mild/tame/reliable and has a great A/C. My old one will smoke it on a track, but will also deafen you and make your kidneys bleed. Take both and you can literally have your cake and eat it too.
  18. I just had to add a sig check after that post. :D
  19. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! I'm jealous! But happy for ya!
  20. BAH! You and Edbert are crazy :D