Old Wiring To New, Neutral Safety Switch

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  1. new to the site, just found it. am rebuilding a 1970 convertible that superstorm sandy put under water last year. Have the American Autowire kit, and am wondering if the neural safety switch needs to be changed, (probably, along with everything else). I will most likely bypass it for a "test" crank, before I continue. I am getting deeper and deeper, entire interior out, dash, all old wiring fried. have hand cranked the engine, am working the electrical system, wondering easiest way to bypass. cannot determine the color code coming out of the switch,
  2. you can bypass the neutral safty switch at the fire wall . dissconect the plugin
    and at the part that goes through the fire wall , jump the two black with red stripe wires across. but remember it will start in any gear

  3. thanks, I've been staring at schematics, disgrams, thinking the same, but afraid to "pull the trigger". I need to crank the engine over, just for my own sanity. besides the new harness, I have a new altrnator, (100 amp, 1 wire unit) new starter, plugs, wires, etc. I need to hear something positieve, prove to myself I'm not just throwing money down the drain. i have much to order, all switches, heater blower motor, almost everything has to be changed, need a reason to believe it will happen.
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  4. I`m no expert, but I tried to bypass mine several different ways and it never worked out. It was easier to just hook it up than to bypass it. You can check your switch using a 14.4 volt cordless battery, run 1 wire into one side of switch from the battery, and put a test light on the other side of switch and battery, and it should only light up in neutral or park. Using a low amperage battery like this can be pretty cool trouble shooting device, cause it don`t have enough amps to even blow a fuse. It`s been a few years since I did this but it sounds like you need to at the least check your switch to see if it works.
  5. well, thans all for the hope, got under the car this morning, was going to replace the starter, check the NSS wiring, , run new wiring to starter, etc.
    the damage from Sandy I believe is beyond repair, not sure this project will be moving forward. gotta walk away from it, do some work on the house. deal with this later.