OMFG I am so pissed! (pics, some good, some bad)

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  1. Follow my downward spiral from pure happiness to wanting to beat on someone bare handed untill I killed them. :mad: With pics! :nice: They are scratch and sniff! :D

    So I was cleaning the engine bay in hopes of taking the car out tomorrow so I could show off the new tint and get some shots now that the car is completed so I can make a new desktop.
    So I am cleaning away, happy as hell cause I am off and working on my car.
    Me-------> :D :banana:

    Then I notice how far back the strut is on the passenger side:
    Me---------> :scratch: :thinking:

    Then I notice the mark on the strut tower brace that is new and wont rub off:
    Me---------> :(

    Then I see the coorisponding mark on the hood:
    Me------------> :mad:

    I am thinking that mark is really deep and seeing how everything has been going I very reluctantly go around to look at the other side of the hood:
    Me----------> :mad: :fuss: :cry: :bang:

    I call the shop to leave a message and the owner actually answered just now. I explained about the problem and gave him my theroy. That the K-memeber is bent and they had to use all he adjustment on the CC plate to get it in spec. Which resulted in the strut tower brace being shifted back and come in contact in the hood. He said thats a possibility but he thinks the problem is that he forgot to put the bump stop on.. ... .... ......... WTF!? :readytoburstintoflames:
    Sure enough, it aint there. If ya knew you forgot it then why didnt you call and say "Hey, we have your hood stopper" :nonono: :bang:
    He said eaither way they would take care of it. I told him bring a flat bed and pick it up and I want it dropped off when done. He said fine and that they will bring it to the dealership and have the insurance adjuster meet him there so that the tech can say eaither yes or no on the k-memeber as to weather or not it may be tweaked.
    I KNOW its tweaked, I know where the strut sat before as opposed to now and its back almost an inch meening the k-member is moved back the same ammount. (I assume)

    So my plans of driving her around tomorrow are shot :(

    I pulled it on the front lawn and shot a couple fresh shots of it so you guys that have been telling me to tint it can see it is now done. 35% on the doors and 5% on the rear window and quarter windows. :nice: I have to get inspected next month and thats the only thing they really check :shrug:
  2. Either you or the car is jinxed. Let me have it and we will find out which it is.
  3. it just......just doesn't end.......

    you got some bad car juju/voodoo/stuff going on around you man :(
  4. :jaw:I would:ban: them from working on my car again.:nonono: I'd be soooo:mad:i would:chair:until they were:owned:then enjoy some:cheers:with some:grouphug:then go:rock:to some heavy metal, then have some more:cheers:until i:puke: then go to sleep.
    But seriously man that sucks cawk. I'll bet the shop owner is really embarrassed right now. Keep your head up dude, i'll :cheers: for ya tonight!
  5. again and again and again..........
  6. Get rid of that car already. You know the inevidable totaled car scenario is just around the corner.
  7. Bill,

    Did McIntyre & Hubbard sign off on your handbuilt plaque?

    That's who did mine!!

    and this
  8. Nope, thoes are supposed to be the best team to have. Even has a shot of them in "Iron Fist, Lead Foot". Not positive who made mine, cant quite read them :(
  9. wait wait, since when are strut tower braces part of a camber plate?
  10. IDK, I believe just the bolts for the CC plate happen to be the same ones the Strut tower brace uses. :shrug:

  11. 4 real :jaw: , i need that book now!!!!!!

    looks like you have Jon Meddlaugh And Robert O. Maskell

    doing research now
  12. Sorry to hear that laser you can't win for losing. It'll be ok just pray about it.
  13. If he messed it up, why get your insurance company involved? Doesn't make much sense....:scratch:
    But looking good either way!!!!!:nice:
  14. If the K-memeber needs a replacment then the insurance needs to supplement. If it needs a K-memeber then its getting a QA-1 with AJE lower controll arms :nice:

    And Tag, thats Don not Jon. The book is on ebay for $16 shipped new. Thats where I found mine. :nice:
  15. man, that need to find a voodoo priestess or something to lift the curse...
  16. That sucks. Good thing they fessed up to it. Hope you get it worked out quick.

  17. Did a minor change today. I dont want my intercooler to get beat up. It already has a couple bent fins so I put the old grill back on. Since the old bumper was hacked up to fit the grill I had to make new mounts. It sits 1" deeper in this nose then it did in the old nose. It dosent look TOO bad I guess :shrug:
  18. It's the curse of having your fender emblems backwards. If you correct them, maybe your luck will change.:)