OMFG I am so pissed! (pics, some good, some bad)

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  1. :rlaugh:
  2. They look nothing like 350Z wheels. :shrug::nonono:
  3. ya u still got a sick lookin ride though.
  4. I'm Not Down With New Edge Mustangs, Just not my style. Termis are Cool but not with 350Z Wheels and Stripes. The one thing your whip as going for it is that its sonic blue.

    I wouldnt buy a termi, i only buy cars with NO ABS and No T/C.

    Thats the difference between you and me, I favor Fine Handling over Power and 250Z Wheels
  5. Fine handling? Dude, I like your car but damn its not that freaking great. You wana race the cars and see which handles better? I can pull 1.15 gs continuous. Can you? Hell no, you cant break 1 g on the skid pad. I can out run, out brake, out handle your car. People flock to my car to give me compliments, Rice cars shake in their boots when I pop the hood. Dont think you are hot chit little boy before I school ya.

    Whip? Another little white boy trying to act like a gangsta. :nonono:

    Grow the **** up.
  6. Dont Kid Yourself, My Car is a few Hundred Pounds Lighter Your car Lazer. A few Hundred Pounds in handling is a big difference. As for brakes i have The same brakes as you plus Porterfield R4-S pad action so since my car is light it will brake better.

    Also my car has No ABS< which means i can brake harder and later with my light car.

    I am Smoking E90 M3's and C6 Z's at autocross. Semi Stock Suspension termis are cant hang, but some the long run it all comes down to the driver.

    Weight makes the Difference buddy, and Seat time which i have a little more than you at.
  7. Oh and LaserSVT, before you go making retarded claims like....

    Then you need to post a video of yourself, in YOUR car, Driving on a Skid Pad, With a GPS Drift Box saying that you are pulling 1.15 G's Continuously, and if you go over or under 1.15 G's then you fail because you said...

  8. Highly doubt ur car would out handle a terminator..

    I really like your car alot,, always have. Love the color, rims, and how you've kept up with it, and the pics you shoot of it.. But seeing this thread, why do you have to be such a tool?
  9. Sure ya do, I have only been driving for 20 years and racing for 16+ years. I have been to alot of SCCA events and always finnish in the top three in my class, usually first. My car has better weight distribution then yours as well as the slotted rotors (better cooling), EBC red pads (better stopping), braided lines (better controll) and I have the right components to stop better. An IRS car has less tail lift under hard braking. Plus I have a wider contact patch so agian that improves braking.

    Then lets look at cornering. Again, I have a much wider contact patch. I have the battery relocated for better weight distribution. IRS car will keep both rear wheels planted better in off camber corners and tight turns so I have you there. I have better struts/shocks then you as well. My cars chasis is more ridged as well.

    Again you loose.

    I have double your HP so there is no contest there.

    Look, I understand you are jealous. Its okay, Ill take you for a ride in it. If you eat all your veggies and be a good boy then someday your family will buy you one. Untill then you have to strap into that lovely rice seat of yours and pretend that you have a track car. :nice:

    One other thing, why you think a street car can stop better without ABS is beyond me. Mabey we need to call BMW and BEnz to let them know how much money they waste on designing them :shrug:
  10. Unlike you :bs: statment of your car having ALL original paint is a fail.

    Next time I go to the track I will be sure to record the data just for you. Ofcourse you will come up with something stupid like the sensor was in the wrong spot or it was only heald for 2.48 seconds instead of 2.5 seconds but whatever....

    Ya know what? Never mind. Your car can go faster then mine on a track, it looks better and you are more liked on here then me. :nice:

    *adds SRT to ignore list*
  11. Go back to the first day of race school and you will figure out the answer.
  12. SRT is right about the ABS, and he's just whoring to pwn your thread, SVT
  13. +1

    SRT, lay off or :ban:
  14. Ive been on this forum longer than you. :shrug:
  15. ya and those wheels look absolutely nothing like 350z wheels, thats just stupid.
  16. QFT

    Guess i am chillin for the rest of the night
  17. Damn and I was hoping to see a bant stick come out.
  18. I dont think we will be seeing the stick tonight, i think everyone just loves each other too much and is bored at work
  19. Im bored at home......
  20. SRT is getting a week off of stangnet..