OMFG I am so pissed! (pics, some good, some bad)

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  1. Nothing like a well deserved vacation.
  2. HAHA!
    Thats what Im talking about, just read this WHOLE thread. Sheesh people. What a forum.
    I love it.
    Laser, I am way jealous of your car. Even if my car was faster, I would still rather have your car. I've always wanted a termi... and one day, I'll get it :nice:
    At least I can admit that....

    By the way, Your wheels are sex :D


  3. :rlaugh: :owned:
  4. I was not demanding that I am right in that effect but it seems logical. Okay, ABS is just about standard for almost every car currently made. Years ago (02 or 03) I saw a Benz on Road and Tracks cover, some $250,000 4 door beast. It had these big bad ass ceramic brakes on it and the editor figured the car could stop better with the ABS off so they pulled the relay (may of been a fuse or plug, not sure) and from 60 mph the car took 119 feet to stop, with the ABS it took 107 feet. We all know its best in bad weather or rough surfaces, no?

    That seems better to me but I am sure there are other variables in race braking. So you are comming in hot and have to late brake hard for a sharp mid speed right hander. Brakes have the right ammount of heat so they bite good but the passenger front locks causing severe understeer. You modulate to adjust but its a street car so the bushings are softer, the carpet makes it heavier so it dosent respond lightning quick. The ass comes down and all the sudden the car snap spins the other way and at the very least you just flat spotted your expensive track tires.

    Same corner with ABS: You brake late and hard, inside front locks, ABS pulses it, you scrub a couple MPH and continue on.

    Now on a race car with sperical bearings and minimal weight then yeah I could see the non ABS being better. Faster response on the modulation, light car, and it dosent move around on its suspension as much so its easier for you to controll and then there are also times you wana try to lock the rear to bring the rear around too :shrug:

    I could be 100% wrong in all that. If I am then please let me know as I would like to know whats factual. :nice:
    Im sorry, what was that?
  5. I'd love to see his car out-handle an E90 M3. Lemme find my BS flag smiley.

    Oh, there it is :)
  6. You should've done two weeks you wussie :)
  7. :rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh:

    This is great. Altho he was right about the 350z wheels. :p

    Hell, I think my Fox would outhandle his car.....and surely outpower it. :scratch:


  8. 2006-Nissan-350Z%5B2%5D.jpg


    Not seeing it...:shrug:
  9. i know my gt would out handle his. i want a panhard rod though.
  10. October 2004....not quite 5 years....and you just got bant!!! :rlaugh: Even though you've been banned I know you're still reading this.

    A few hundred pounds aint chit. His car would hand you your ass. The weight of a Termi doesn't hurt it because of how much power it has.

    No ABS means your car will lock up and start skidding. You will NOT stop harder or be able to brake later and out brake a Termi. You will have to start braking sooner and easier so you don't lock up. ABS keeps the wheels from locking up.

    And you're not smoking C6 Z06's.

    I could see a Termi pulling those times. I pulled 1.00 with my notchback...and that was an old 1981.

    Perma ban SRT!!!

    Perma ban SRT!!!

    Perma ban SRT!!!

  11. Just messing with him. I think they look great.

    I think they'd look good on a Z too. I actually like Z's.

  12. I know you were kidding bro. :cheers: :rlaugh:
  13. yea but he wasn't :shrug:
    I love the Zs too.
    I almost got a TT 300zx instead of the stang.
    Honestly I almost with I had. Every time I see one :drool:

  14. :nice:

  15. Ahh this thread has progressed nicely:D SRT is a de da dee. I guess he fancys his car a fully built road racecar since he can just lay on the brakes at the last minute:nonono: He's probably at home right now combing the cloth hairs on his wasted money sparcos.:rlaugh: And seriously how is he gonna argue and think his chit is gonna outhandle your car again? Aren't just about most of your mods in your suspension? What a tool.
  16. Its a good thing he didn't brag about his post count huh.
  17. well he just likes to wish thats all there is to it.
  18. that is one sexy stang :nice:
  19. Bill have you taken the car back for the last few fixes?