OMG!!! I got pulled over...

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  1. So I'm rollin' down the street minding my own business when...

    You guessed it- COP lights! :nonono:

    So he walks up and asks me, "Where ya going so fast sir?"

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    So I'm like, "No where sir!"

    Then he's lookin around, right...

    And he sees my friend with alcohol (he's turns 21 next week!) but he hasn't even been drinking!!!

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    So I'm like, "Oh Crap!!!"

    Then he starts hitting on my wife and saying what a "loser" she's hanging out with.

    So he's like, "Well you guys are going to jail unless I see something... Let's see them JUGS!"

    So she shows him...

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    and she only has 1 God love her...:nonono: She's so embarrassed but she took one for the team!

    So anyway he let's us go with a warning, and I like had to moon him...

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    Can you believe that *&^%? :nonono: :mad:

    I'm sick of "Profiling" :mad:
  2. Thats some funny sheat right there
  4. Nice work hoodstripe!! Are you anywhere near fort payne alabama??
  5. HAHAHA someone was bored?
  6. Wow way to much time on your hands, but apparently so do I because i read it laughed my ass off!! :D
  7. Interisting........
  8. Your wife is smoking HAWT!
  9. Two not only have a little too much time on your hands, you also have ONE ROCKIN LITTLE FURRY ANNIMAL COLLECTION....YEAH BABY-YEAH.
  10. :stupid:

    so did you have one piece or 3 piece headlights?
  11. Yeah, about 45 minutes away me thinks :)

    Whatta you mean worthless :shrug: This is an artists rendition of what happened in my mind... it was in a mustang GT and therefore it has much to do with the forum... I think.

    Okay I was drinking alone! :mad:
  12. Drinking alone can be fun....

    That was great! A little bit of mid week humour to cheer us up.

    BTW: less than 3 weeks till the official end of winter
  13. LMAO...that was funny! You aren't too bad lookin, and neither is your soon-to-be 21 friend! LOL
  14. Your wife has a NICE jug!
  15. I think I see her camel toe in that first pic.
  16. :rlaugh:
  17. S H I T!! I had to show some buddys around here that. I was laughing to hard to tell him what I was looking at, they thought I was a retard... LOL