OMG!! Tires are a PIA!!


Apr 10, 2019
I have an 08 GT that spins through first and almost all the way through second. I need to find something to help it stick when i launch or I'll never beat that kid down the street at that track (He's a punk for sure, communist probably and I heard he kicks puppies - a joke - just a joke - but he is a punk).

I need to figure out the widest tires I can put down on my 08 without spacers. It has 17" Wheels now. I am going to upgrade to 18" Wheels. Tire Rack said I can only stick with 255-50-R17 with my stock wheels. They recommend the firestone Firhawk performance. That cant be right. Dobbs said I could go with P285/40R18 and tried to sell me the Nitto NT05R at 350.99$. I know i can do better. Another shop said 285-40-R18 would be the best and I should go with Eagle Fi Supercar tires at $190.15. So, what is the widest tire with the best stick I can put on this thing? Oh - and that punk down the street? He told me that he doesn't like Fords, football, the band Kiss or baseball. Looking for advise on the widest tire I can put on 18" Wheels for the 08 ford mustang GT
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