On 3 Performance : Ohio

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  1. I agreed to purchase a 1990 Mustang LX Notchback from On 3 Performance for an agreed price in running condition. I drove from Detroit to Westerville (approximately a 3 hour drive). The car was not running when I arrived, i waited around the shop from 4 pm until 9:30 pm. The car was not ready to make it to Detroit at this time so I decided to leave. At this point i was ready to leave a significant deposit to demonstrate my interest however, the car was not close to the condition he told me it would be in upon purchase. After driving 3 hours he would only allow me to pay for the car in full -- no deposit. Once I paid for the car in full he told me he would have the car running to drive back to Detroit in the following 3 days. In the following 3 days I attempted to reach him through E-mail and telephone and I had difficulty contacting him. I received an email from him after i asked him to contact me by phone. He told me he was busy with his business and didn't have time to deal with the car. He told me he would refund me the money and take the title back if i drove it back to him in Ohio. This was after I had transferred the title and paid all fees. I was forced to pick up the car with a trailer and bring it back to Detroit because I already had a couple of hundred dollars invested in the title and plates. The car was no where near running condition when i picked it up, it barely made it on the trailer and I later found out after bringing it to my garage he had the firing completely backwards. I wouldn't trust this guy to change my spark plugs let alone purchase a turbo kit from him. The oil was filled 2 quarts over the amount that was necessary. The car was leaking coolant which he told me was a bad hose, turns out it was the heater core.

    This car was supposed to be in running condition upon sale, however I have had to put a thousand dollars into it to get it close to running condition. I trusted this guy with paying for the car before I saw it running because of his "legitimate" business however, I learned how unprofessional and immature he is. He kept reassuring me the car would be ready to go as soon as he had a coolant hose but he never ordered it nor did he care once I paid him. He answered my phone call every time I called him until I paid him for the car.