On-Sale date?

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  1. Anyone know the approximate date the 05 goes on sale? I have heard endof Ja and i have heard around March.. ??
  2. Rumor is March, April on sale date. Also confirmed aftermarket parts available at the same time.
  3. Actually, latest rumour has it at the beginning of the summer on sale.
  4. i thought JOB1 date was in september???

    therefore, how would hte car be available in april??
  5. The job1 dates may in fact be old, or new.
    No one knows but Ford.

    Chris Theadore said early Summer
    and yet someone else said October.

    Chris Theadores quote was later as well (in other words the dates may be smoke and mirrors)
  6. I don't think ford is going to let anyone know until right before they are released
  7. My buddy who works for ford said he heard they wont start selling them until early June.
  8. Even June seems a little early. I know it was a rush job, but the GTO "went on sale" a while ago (as far as reservtions go), but doesn't hit the streets for a few days. And that's the '04 model. Are they going to just "go on sale" as in reservations, or will they be ready for pick up?

  9. i think it's just reservations that you place before they come out. i thought no one will get it until the fall. but, what do i know? :shrug:
  10. that screensaver from ford that shows the guages says fall of 04
  11. I think by "on sale", some are thinking "place an order" and not "accept delivery".
  12. Ford has published official job1 dates for the new Mustang up on their Fleet Order website.

    However, after the F-150 towing numbers game Ford played, it could be very well that Ford intentionally published wrong dates up on that website.
  13. Seems like they should have them ready for the 40th ann. show in tenn. Isnt thet how they did it w/ the 99, and 94's the show is in april.
  14. I believe you are right. It is just that what Ford will show at the 40th Ann., will be essentially a hand-built, early, pre-production model. Kind of like what Ford did with the Mach 1. Unfortunately, a think a lot of people will wrongly think that they will be able to stop at a Ford dealer upon leaving that show, and drive one home. IMHO, what Ford will be doing, is to tease and disappoint these people when they find the best they will be able to do, is be on an unending waiting list.

    Remember, they showed the Mach 1 at that time of year, but production didn't actually start until over a 1/2 year later. A very long wait for a lot of people, which only got worse then their promised production date came and went, and no Mach 1's were in sight for anyone.
  15. As far as I'm concerned, Ford can take as long as they want to release it. I don't want them rushing it out the door at the expensive of quality. Mustangs have had abysmal build quality for a long time, I'm really hoping that the '05 will change that.