On The Road Again

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  1. In January I pulled the motor out of my car to change the clutch, install headers, perform maintenance and just to earn the basic experience (I learned a lot).
    -Went with the ford racing clutch/pressure plate kit (slightly stronger then OEM, but basically OEM)
    -JBA ceramic shorty headers + took the time to weld up my Xpipe
    -Theromstat, motor mounts, serpentine belt, heater hoses, radiator hoses, O2 sensors, EGR tube, replaced a leaking powersteering pressure hose, p.steering fluid flush, coolant flush, oil change, engine detailed.
    -Noticed there was a hairline crack right under the theromstat housing (crappy plastic intake)
    -Replaced the intake manifold with OEM half aluminum intake, and upgraded to a 78mm BBK throttle body (while I was in there) and ordered an SCT tuner.

    Long Story Short: After being off the road for 5 + months I just finished up putting the air filter on at about 5pm today and got to go for a ride :) What a ride it was. Heres a few pics, and a picture of how she sits right now.




    What next? Maintenance to my DD which has been falling apart since Jan. (99' Cherokee), than Stang suspension
  2. Looks good man! Time to think about some lowering springs now :)
  3. definitely lol. I want to save up all the money first and do it the right way. Buy everything at once + install everything at once.
  4. Thanks, btw