On3 performance fox body turbo kit for sale

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by lancec2c30, Jan 30, 2011.

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  1. I'm taking a different route with my car. The kit has about 20 miles on it when I was street tuning it. It's not the regular kit, has y pipe, master power, and maf. I'm in Chehalis Washington, looking for a local sale only.

    Here is a copy of my posting on Craigslist. Thanks for looking. ;)

    I've got a complete single turbo setup from On3 Performance with ~20 street miles on it, just tuning time, for any 86-93 mustang. There is nothing wrong with the kit, I'm just taking a different route with my car. I paid $2200 for everything when I purchased from On3. It's the new kit with mild steel headers and cross-over. So no stainless problems.

    Along with the standard kit, it comes with the following.

    Master Power T70 turbo upgrade (no Chinese crap)
    Complete Y-pipe exhaust setup with cut out
    PMAS MAF sensor cal'd for 42lb injectors with flange tig'd to up pipe.

    Everything is there, down to the last silicone coupler and T clamp. Down pipe is wrapped, has a wideband bung welded in. Crossover pipe is wrapped.

    Here is the kit Turbo Kits for Ford Mustangs

    The kit is on the car, I can have it off in a weekend. Once I get a serious buyer, I'll pull it.

    I'm looking for about $1,900 or so.

    Email me at: lancec2c30 @ gmail.com
    Text only please at: 360-480-6630

  2. i plan on buying this same kit when i get back from afghanistan in july. what turbo did you get the what ar is the turbo .81 or .96? can you send pics are you including 42 lb injectors with the sale? does the mass air meter come with the electroics? email me at [email protected]
  3. still have

    still have if so call 309 267 7550 have cash
  4. Sorry, sold long ago.

    Try the corral. Always a couple kits in their classifieds.
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