On3 Single Turbo Kit

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  1. Has anybody used the on3 single turbo kit from late model resto? Its around 1500 bucks? Has anybody had any major problems with the install? I'm thinking about going this route with my car after my rebuild and h/c/I swap and I'm wondering if I should get it or not
  2. It's not a direct bolt on unit at all like say a Vortech Supercharger will be. Had a friend put one on his 92GT and had 20+ hours in the install. He may chime in here if he reads this thread.
  3. I was gonna say the same thing. I have to 1st hand experience with it just reading in the forums and it seems there are a lot of fitment issues and fab work to be done. I bet that $1500 would end up being about 3k, I could be way off in either direction just a guess
  4. My understanding is that it takes a lot of elbow grease to get them to fit. Rick has installed at least one. Not sure there are a great deal of additional costs. It's pretty hard to beat the price.

  5. Headache. Avoid it.
  6. I'm pretty sure Rick installs them on a time and material rate because of all the possible issues that can come up.

    Honestly, all turbo kits can be hit or miss in terms of fitment. A custom kit you built for your car probably won't fit as well in someone else's fox. Our cars weren't exactly built to perfect tolerances. They are also about as stiff as a gay guy in a strip club, so 20+ years of body flex doesn't help the situation either.