Fox On3 Turbo 88 Mustang

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  1. I have been building my first turbo budget car for a couple of months now . I can say i am pretty impress with the fitment of the kit from On3Peformance so far. I am new to this turbo world. The Car is a 88 mustang gt with 95 cobra engine, it has Trick flow track heat intake, Comp cam, 215 Roush Heads, Stock T5, P-MAS, 60 lb Deka injectors, 340 Aeromotive in-tank fuel pump with a standard 70mm on3turbo kit. I'm almost done with my build and i would like some input on a couple of things. 1) what type of spark plugs to install and what gap should I use? 2)What type of Gears should I install 3.27? 3.55s? 3)from where do I Install my BOV and waste-gate vacuum lines ? Finally, has anyone heard of the Roush Heads i have ? I got them on eBay for 500 bucks but I have never heard of them or seen them other than the crate engines sold on the Roush website Thanks. Here are some pictures of my car:

    1472398_10153554628995158_1021057695_n-1.jpg 1488493_10153550377995158_482609067_n.jpg 1379183_10153382352175158_1889643963_n.jpg 961262_10153606551475158_1235361555_n.jpg 1474923_10153550716505158_1868577833_n.jpg 1379033_10153382827380158_1878138398_n.jpg 1353084_10153219390585158_1475683629_o-1.jpg 1476878_10153596586360158_1878025119_n.jpg 1548344_10153631427250158_692203307_o.jpg
  2. Cool man, wanna see how the On3 turbo works out for you :nice:
  3. Thanks man , I am pretty anxious to just turn it on.
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  4. Post some more pics of the heads. Did you buy them assembled? $500 is a steal. What ebay member did you get them from? I bought a set recently. They are supposed to be Roush branded RHS heads. I have found a few cracks near the guide area and I am trying to get Roush to work with me on it. They are supposed to be decent heads. Pm me if you like, I would be curious to know if we got them from the same person.

  5. I would start at either .o32 to .o28 on the plugs...You can use Autolites just one step colder...I would go with 3.27s Turbos don't need big gears....the BOV vac line I cant answer I had a shop install mine so I don't know were it is....I never heard of those heads so I cant answer that one either...
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  6. LOL @ the upside down intercooler logo!

    Should be a really fun ride when you're done. Good to hear a positive review on an On3 kit install.
  7. Looking great so far.

    For the wastegate, if the compressor outlet of your turbo has an area to tap for an NPT nipple, that would be the best place to tap for your lines for the most responsive boost control. The closer to the turbo the better. No vacuum source is necessary.

    The BOV needs a boost/vacuum source, so tapping any vacuum line off the manifold will be fine.
  8. Looks like that thing is going to scream. Not to derail the thread, but did you make that instrument panel or buy it.
  9. Looks like a nice project you have going. The only heads i've seen come directly from roush are the RHY45 heads or the D3 castings never an inline valve head so i'm curious about whether they are rebranded or not. As far as the bov and waste gate these both need to see manifold vacuum/boost and a port from your upper intake manifold should be fine for that. The vacuum will open you Bov and the boost will keep your waste gate closed working in conjunction with whichever springs you have installed. Are you running any type of boost controller?
  10. Where'd you get the Maf and Injectors?
  11. I am really interested to see how this goes, I plan on installing an On3 kit on my 88 Vert within the next year or two
  12. Looks vagely familiar

  13. For the wastegate, I drilled and tapped the turbine housing and mounted a manual boost controller teed in right below it on the inside frame rail.
  14. I will Post some more pics a soon as I get back home. I bought the heads like 5 months ago I dont remember the Ebay member ill see if i can look up for the recipe and ill send you that info. The heads were assembled and i was lucky that I was the only bidder. Thanks
  15. I sure hope so . I got the Cluster from some guy at ebay for 35 bucks it really does not look that difficult to reproduce .
  16. Nice how is the kit holding on?
  17. The Kit fit pretty good, So far so good.
  18. The MAF I bought it from On3 and the injectors i got them from a friend of mine.
  19. Thanks for the info.
  20. I am thinking of investing in a boost controller they are kinda pricey though jaja
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