On3performance Turbo Install On A 2005 Gt

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  1. Now if this company (S&H) would make one for the 4.0/6, I'd be all over it. I am SERIOUSLY considering an On3 kit for my wife's 06 Vert-Auto. :chin Nothing too crazy but a nice 300+ RW would be sweet as hell.
  2. I apologize to those that have been following this thread I have had some personal things I needed to attend to the past couple of weeks and haven't had much time to get on here. I'll be picking up where I left off shortly.
  3. If you go with On3 be prepared for the poor fitment and nonexistent customer service... just saying. And I agree, it would be. That is why I am doing this build. I have had a lot more experience with turbocharged vehicles and prefer it to supercharged. So I figured this would be a good baseline kit as I am not looking to make obscene amounts of power, yet. There is a lot of other mods that I want to do and need to be done before I can run big boost. Basically the bottom end, the rear tires, and everything in between.
  4. I figure there will be some fabrication involved along with some hand-selected pieces and parts. Not sure (at this point) how much fabrication but I've think I've got a fairly decent handle on what parts to replace in the kit. Custom tuning is already factored in. You couldn't sell me an off-the-shelf tune if Yates had done it himself. o_O

    Now get to work! :fuss:

  5. Give Bobby from S&H a call (704)614-2074 I know they are working on a V6 kit but I don't know the status.

  6. I'll keep an eye out. Not to the point yet where I'm ready to start making inquiries.
  7. Just trade it in on a '13 V-6 vert and you get the 300 plus HP with out the headache of a turbo install and it has a warranty! Win-Win:)
  8. I'm looking at the S&H Performance turbo kit for my '06 GT, and I'm wondering if anyone can give me some feedback on the exhaust setup. As far as I can tell, it utilizes a Y-pipe that runs from them factory midpipe to the turbo, and from the turbo, the downpipe runs to a second Y-pipe which splits into the axlebacks. This, combined with about six feet of intercooler piping seems pretty laggy to me. I'm also not a big fan of having to stick with shorties instead of long tube headers. Anybody have any experience with this exhaust night mare or have any solutions for fixing it without spending an arm and a leg on custom fabrication? I'd love to be able to run a good pair of long tubes. Pictures would be great!
  9. Long tube headers are the last thing you want on a turbo setup. With a turbo setup you want the exhaust as short as possible into the turbo. Long tube headers are great for NA and Supercharger setups but are not for turbo's. There isn't anything wrong with the hot piping on the S&H kit. A single kit, with rear facing exhaust manifolds, will require the exhaust to come back to the front and merge into a single pipe for the turbo mount.

    The only other option with a single turbo is froward facing headers, which shortens the path but still requires a merge to a single pipe. Now if you want to talk twin setups, then you can have froward facing headers into each turbo like this.


    This is the setup I have on mine. If you dont like the S&H kit then give Jim Napier at Turbohorsepower a call. Jim also makes a single kit and it is a very nice kit. He is a great guy to work with and will answer all your questions.
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  10. That makes sense. I just don't like the decreased sound and flow of shorty headers. Does the exhaust on the turbo kit completely eliminate the mid pipe and connect to the axle backs or does it require cutting into the mid pipe and modifying it?
  11. It usually connects to the axle back piping. The exhaust on a turbo doesn't sound like NA or Supercharger. The turbo takes out some loudness, so the exhaust it quieter then without a turbo. You also want to run straight threw mufflers with a turbo, not chambered types. You want the least restriction in the exhaust you can get with a turbo.
  12. That all makes sense.
  13. Did you ever get it running? or is this a Mustang that was on craigs list as a project?
  14. hi man,

    i cam across ur build i have purchased the same kit but i am missing the install instructions giude can you please email it to me my car is mustang 2008

    [email protected]
  15. I am wondering what (if any) internal mods you had to do to support this kit
  16. Anyone install this with the bmr kmember and control arm i heard u have to modify something.if so what and how??im looking at buying this