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  1. Hey has anyone gotten a cheap (meaning not 10k) paint job at the one-day in san bernardino? I decided since I am still looking for some good spindles. I would have the damn thing painted. I took all the chrome and sanded in the cracks, washed it until the cheap paint flacked off.

    I also was thinking of Macco in riverside by the airport.

    I got about 1200 saved for paint so I figure their almost top paint job should last me for 5 years or so until I get a new place where I can do it right myself.
  2. whatever you do dont go to earl shibe or shybe or whatever it is. 2 of my buddies got there paint jobs there and they turned out pretty bad. One was a 68 vw bug, the other was a 70 chevelle. The chevelle was the worst. They put the stripes on crooked and then my buddie told them to fix them. he came back and they just tried to straighten them by painting over them. The stripes were also elevated from the paint. He got in a accident before also and his trunk rubbed the back edge of his of the body. He told them prior that that needed to be fixed. They didnt and he opened the trunk a few days after he got the car back, after telling them to forget about the stripes cause they couldnt do them, and the paint peeled cause the trunk rubbed. 2 days later we were calling them non stop to see if it was done. We called for 3 hours and nobody would answer. We drove down to the valley to see if it was done and it wasnt. The next day we got a call that it was done. 10 minutes later we got another call saying the paint had peeled again.
  3. Ya get what ya pay for.
  4. actually, I have had many cars and vans painted by 1 day in Laguna Niguel CA, They have had a great painter there for years, I have not had one problem with any of the paint jobs and they look real good some have been amazing for the price.

    They have a higher end job around 1500.00-2k where they also color sand and buff, its the only one day I have used and I have sent many people there as well, lots of the local body shops send their insurance stuff there as well. If you do some prep and strip all the trim first its even better.
  5. stay away from maaco and shieb, they both suck. one day does a decent job though. a friend of mine, and my mother had cars painted at a one day here in tucson and the paint jobs lasted far longer than anything the shieb and maaco ever did for my dads van.
  6. Thats what I understand. However, my car looks like crap. Was smacked int he back about 5 years ago. Citrus ford did an excellent job redoing the back half. That paint is still excellent. The front half looks like crap. There is little to no body work that needs to be done besides road chips, and everything is straight. So to hold off until I can do it myself I figure I would get it quick painted that half way decent.
  7. I know of several people (a friend and a co-worker) who have had good luck with several paint jobs at the Riverside Maaco (by the Airport? Dunno...). This was 2-3 years back, but the results then were favourable. Seemed the crew there and then liked old muscle cars and did more with those than "insurance jobs".

    As I need paint of (several of) my cars and I live in the IE, I am interested in what you find for a livable driver grade paint job. Please keep us posted.

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  8. well I picked up my mustang last Saturday. I will say the paint turned out great. Took a bit longer then I expected, but then again I have no idea how to paint. The exterior paint was excellent. Hard to believe it was their stage 3. If I were to do it again I would be sure to block sand the car better, and also prepare the hood, inner doors, and truck better. I had some nicks and scratches that are still there. I will take some pictures of before and after to post. All I can say if it last as long as the 5 year warranty its worth every penny. If you goto the San bern. store be sure to talk to Juan. Great guy and will not fill you full of BS.
  9. is the stage 3 the single stage, or the dual stage paint?

    it's been a few months, are you still happy? what did you pay? I'm thinking of doing my 66
  10. I am interested to see how the paint held up. My 68 came with a 1 Day paint job when i bought the car in 2007, has held up fine, but I am not a big fan of it. It was the least expensive of the paint jobs though.
  11. My father in law paid for a Maaco paint job for the 68 Mustang I bought from my stepson back in 2006....Since then, I took the bumpers off only to see the original paint and rust is starting to come thru the lower corner of the doors....Also the paint is starting to chip off the left front headlight bucket.....My stepson choose a dark blue and the car is originally Gulfstream Aqua...I took the vinyl top off and discovered three quarter size rust thru holes so now the top is primered....It is better than nothing but I do believe it is all in the prep work.........

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  12. well I have been chasing down windshiled and rocker water leaks. I should have it done this weekend and I will take some shots. It was their stage 3 paint plus clear coat. The guys at san bernardino One Day said it was the best combination of UV and nick protection. Don't ask me I am no painter. It still looks good I haven;t waxed it yet but so far the shine has held up. I garaged it for the fish 50 days afterards working on the interior.
  13. yep. mine's all in primer, so...

    cheap paint > no paint.

    edit: i don't want to spend +4 bits on a car i only paid 2 bits for.