One Happy Camper again :)

Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by IndySN95, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. Well I am once again a 5.0 owner :) It started about 5 years ago I owned a 94 gt convertible saleen clone and unfortunately times were tough and I was getting ready to have a baby and I had to get rid of it.... well that all changed when about a month ago I was browsing ebay and found a super clean low mileage sn95 about 4 hours away from me. I bid on it a few times, and the car sold a few times, but nobody ever came through with the deal. Last night I drove to michigan and came home with the car today :)

    I came home with a 95 5.0 gt convertible 5 spd :) I am pretty particular, and this was exactly what I was looking for. Only has 104K very well taken care of miles. I have the complete owner history, all receipts, and im super stoked about it :) Prior to the owner i purchased it from, it sat in a barn under a bubble tarp for a few years. Im stuck on how much I want to do with it, or just continue to restore it to factory condition :)

  2. Very nice. Congrats. Welcome back! It's a great feeling aint it? Took me like 4 months to find mine. Looked and looked and looked not willing to compromise on what I wanted. Found it late on a Wednesday night on Craig's list shortly after he posted it, drove to the Jersey shore to look at it on Sunday, bought it the following Wednesday. That was beginning of February and I'm about 1/2 way through my restoration. Can't get enough of it! Congrats again!
  3. Thank you!!, Ive wanted another one since the day I got rid of my last one. Im completely excited and I love having it in the garage and not having to drive it if I dont need to :) I would like to drop it just a little, add an exhaust/muffler, and I need to replace the convertible top sometime. I look forward to joining the mustang crew again and find some meet and greets this summer
  4. I joined a local Mustang club (local chapter of the MCA). It's been a great hook up. They have a chat forum like this one, monthly meetings, and all kinds of outings and events. Plus, a few of us can meet up on a sunny day and just cruise a bit. I'm really enjoying it
  5. welcome aboard!
  6. Glad you got what you were looking for! Sweet looking ride!