One less competing for new Stang.....

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  1. Hey everyone, I've been out of the loop for the past 2-3weeks. I was feeling ill and losing wieght and so I decided to get check out. Well they found some spots here and there and now its everywhere. Did treatments for a while but it ended up making me feel worse. Went from 195lbs to 151 in 3 weeks. I decided to stop the treatments because they make me feel worse and only prolong the inevitable. They give me just over a 1yr w/out treatment and about 2 w/treatment. But those 2yrs I will be very weak, and drained from treatment as opposed to 1 year of having most my strength until the end. So, no new Stang for me. Got the family to plan for now. Its kind of a pain in the a$$, never smoked, drink, or anything. I eat healthy and exercise regularly, biking hiking and lifting. Got a great marriage, been with the wife since age 16, 16 yrs ago, married 7 yrs, two kids 5 & 3. Good job, nice happy stress free life. I don't understand, This stuff doesn't even run in the family. Oh well, I'll still be on here to see whats up. I don't know, just blowing off some steam here. I've gotten to talk to many folks in here and figured people might be thinking I dissapeared or something.
  2. sorry to hear bout what you're going through. it really sucks when bad things happens to good ppl :nonono:hope everthing works out for you :flag:
  3. Keep your head up

    Spanky - I am new in the forum as a member, but I have been watching the conversations in here since this site launched. Anyhow, just wanted to say "get well". I don't know if you're a spiritual person, but prayer works - so I'll send one for you, the same time I am praying for the shelby additions to come out in 2006/7!!!

  4. God man I'm sorry. I hate hearing about this stuff. Here's hoping something can be done but live everyday to your fullest man.
  5. I appologize ahead of time because there are no words that can fit the magnitude of this. I'm so sorry for your situation and i wish i could say i understand but i really dont. Heck your my age! I turn 24 in 2 weeks and this just reminds you how fragile life really is. First of all i dont want to harp on anything but definitely go see an advanced medical facility like they have in houston, tx. Basically go to the big cities where they have the best medical care. You may not be a christian but if you can bring yourself to take a chance and sit down and pray about it. I know i will pray for you to atleast have a few more years to spend with your family.

    Again, i dont want to even pretend i know what your going through but i hope and pray that somehow this will work out and you will have more years to live! Good luck and keep us posted on how your doing.

  6. Oh wow. That's absolutely terrible. Hey, don't you dare lose your hope. Doctors are wrong all the time; they can only make educated guesses. My step sister's grandmother was diagnosed with cancer and given a short time to live(don't remember exact time frame, maybe 6 months or so). That was about 5 years ago and she's still here. I wish you the best of luck,

  7. Oh thanks guys, I didn't mean to be drag, just blowing of steam I guess. I'm actually 32, sorry the yrs above are kind confusing. I've been with my wife since I we were 16 yrs old which was 16 yrs ago and we've been married for 7yrs. Right now I'm taking it easy. Just got home yesterday and the wife is still sleeping so I decided to come on here today. We are christion but not very religious, but lately its been helping to keep the faith. I'm actually pretty okay with it, I don't think its hit me yet. My wife is trying to be strong but I can see its really beating her up. Today is the first time she has slept in weeks. The kids are too young to know anything which I guess I'm glad for that because they keep on smiling. Yeah, I've had 2nd, 3rd and 4th opinions, all to the same conclusion. Its everywhere, no stopping it, just slowing it down. But we're definately keeping up on it. Any new breakthroughs, etc. I going back to work next week which I was planning on early retirement but if I stay the end of May I will have my full pension and benefits packages because it will be my 10th year there. This week I'm gonna stay home with the family. It kinda nice be home alone with the wife if you know what I mean. Then return to work for next 2 months and then enjoy the last day traveling. We're going to CA in June for 2 weeks and then to Europe in July for 3 weeks. Next month we're going to NYC autoshow and in May we're going Carlisle, PA for an Import Autoshow, not a ricer show, more Euro cars. My pop has an old 65 Benz coupe and a 72 Alfa GTv that he's taking down. I taking my 85 Audi 4000S Quattro for kicks too. Ough to be fun.
  8. Goodness -- I wish you and your family the best of luck and many prayers.

    Pull together with the ones you love and just keep fighting!!!!!
    Best wishes,
  9. Hey Spanky,

    I am keeping you and your family in my prayers. It is things like this that remind me how grateful we should all be for still being here and healthy.

    Hang in there buddy, keep fighting and I wish you the best of luck.
  10. That's hard news Man. What can I say that hasn't been said already?

    All the best.
  11. Spanky, I will also pray for you, for your health, and for your family. Stay strong.
  12. Spanky. Don't give up man. Miracles DO happen. I'll be praying for you...
  13. I am so so so sorry. Whatever you do don't give up, just fight it to the end and give it hell.
  14. Sorry to hear about it spanky.
  15. Spanky, you are an inspiration and a great husband & father. Don't you give up!! I wish you the best and will be praying for you.

  16. Good luck to you Spanky. You'll definately be in my prayers. Take care and keep your head up.
  17. I went through this with my brother, it will be two years April 14th since he left us at the age of 32. He had a 3 year ordeal with inoperable brain cancer. He fought the fight and beat it for a year. Then is came back with a vengance. The last couple of months was brutal, an athletic, intelligent, funny guy who was anything but those last days. I'll never forget when we were in my living room and we had just gotten back from the doctors where they told us his cancer was active again. His first thoughts were of our family and how in the world he was going to break the news to them......Selfishly, we were initially saddened, and at times still are, but I only hope I live as full a life as my brother did. He too was a Christian, not a God squadder, he just walked the walk and never judged. No one will ever say he was cheated, he did what he wanted, saw the world and helped as many as he could; almost like he knew he wouldn't be here long. His faith served him well, still boggles my mind.

    You sound like you have a TERRIFIC attitude, that will serve you and your family well. Enjoy your days, relish the time with your family as they will relish the time with you. Look into area Hospice care agencies as they are a very big shoulder for you and your family to lean on in the times ahead and after.

    Good Luck and God Bless.
  18. I'll pray for you and your family Spanky442. Sad to hear, you sound like a good person. Wake up with every sunrise my man and when the '05 comes out at least test drive it and report back. :)
  19. Spanky442, be strong and enjoy your life with your loved ones. God bless you.
  20. I do not know you, but it is a pleasure to meet you. Stay strong, do the best you can with your mind. I have a neighbor and good friend in a similar situation. He was very much overweight (genetically) and now if very thin and has lost much of his muscular ability. However, he has far outlived a similar estimated lifespan, and has been a good friend. Keep you chin high, and your spirit proud to be who you are, and I wish you the best in your life. Whether we are all here for a short time of a long time, our essense is left with those around us, and we live on.