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  1. man, stay strong, and enjoy life as much as you prayers are with you and your family..
  2. I am not a stang driver (see name for details) Just signed up about a min ago to wish you the best of luck Spanky. Well since I signed up I hope to become a part of the group. Keep on fighting man my prayers are with you and your family
  3. Like everyone else has said so far stay strong. I have diabetes and I hate it everyday of my life, then my brother contracted HIV many years back and i realized that i should not complain. Like my brother has been doing, enjoy the time you have left, and make the best of these remaining years, and have fun with those cars that you have. Best wishes, Alex
  4. Hey Man,
    I know what you're going through. Unfortunately I've learned that the good truely are the ones who leave this world first. I'll tell you what though, don't believe what the doctors tell you. Be strong and fight it mentally, it's your body and you can control it to a point. DON'T EVER GIVE UP. Reading your post truely put tears into my eyes because it made me think of my Uncle who was like a second father to me. It's been almost 6yrs now and I still think about him everyday. If you ever need someone to talk to or anything, don't be shy, drop me an e-mail and let me know what's on your mind.
    Good luck!
  5. Spanky, I wish I was really rich, and I could air lift an 05' Mustang from an auto show to your your garage with a big red bow...along with a Ford GT. :D

    On a more serious note, after reading your posts in this thread, I got all teared up, and I can't remember that happening for years. Thank you for that. You shared a dose of reality that I often don't connect with in movies, television, or the news. Seeing my grandpa going strong at 87 years and other grandparents in late 70's, I tend to think I'm going to have a life of 75+ years by default. How unrealistic... :nonono:

    I contacted a friend and had him read this; he was also touched. It triggered a conversation on what if this happened to would I handle the situation...what would I do differently in the remaining year? etc. Your experience has made me re-evaluate my life for the better. Honestly.

    I admire the way you are packing the remaining time full of experiences/traveling/etc.; this is exactly what I would want to do. I hope you and your wife share some amazing experiences that she'll hang onto for a lifetime...and one day share with the kids.

    Feel free to let out your emotions, but try to remain positive. When my other grandpa was dying from cancer, I'll never forget his continued sense of humor, his positive and accepting attitude, and his kindness. It sure made the whole situation easier on me.

    I've enjoyed reading your posts and sharing your excitement over the next-generation Mustang. I hope the best experiences in your life are yet to be had. You will be missed.
  6. Best of Luck

    Spanky, I'm sorry to here about you medical condition. I haven't been here in a while and it's really strange that I chose today to see what's going on in here and I read your post. The reason I say it's really strange is that today is the 2nd anniversary of my mothers death. She had cancer also. I don't mean to sound morbid or anything but, I know what your friends and family are going through. Keep the faith and live every day to the fullest. You are so young and that's a good thing. I wish you and your family the very best of luck and I will keep you all in my prayers. May God bless you all !!

  7. Advice

    Man, I'm sorry to hear about you as well. I'm not a doc or a nurse, but I do work at a major medical center and I want to second what kirkyg had to say.

    1) Make sure your second/third/fourth opinions are not all from docs in the same small town or at the same clinic/hospital. They sometimes "rubber stamp" what their colleagues say since they have to work with them.

    Make sure at least one of your opinions is from a major player, such as Sloan-Kettering in New York or M.D. Anderson Center in Texas if it is cancer you've been diagnosed with. Even if their diagnosis is the same, they may be able to offer up-to-date resources/treatment that the others could not.

    I know it is rough financially if your insurance company resists, but do it one way or another. Ask to speak with a financial counselor there if you think you can't afford it. They can often work miracles on the money side of things, knowing about funding sources that may be available that you normally wouldn't be aware of.

    2) Seriously consider a support group. I know us guys are not normally as into this kind of "touchy-feely" stuff as the ladies are, but studies have shown that survival rates are better/longer for those who can share their situation with others with the same diagnosis. These exist now on-line as well if the face-to-face thing makes you uncomfortable or if you live far from where the nearest group meets. I'm sure your friends/family will give all the support they can, but sharing with someone going thru just what you are
    can make a big difference!

    3) If you haven't heard of "Spontaneous Remissions" (I know, it sounds like a sexual problem) read up on them. It is when your body recovers from an illness for no known reason and it happens all the time. I suspect that mind-over-matter is involved along with good genes, but nobody really knows.

    My aunt was diagnosed with a very lethal form of cancer 20 years ago and is still alive and kicking at the age of 90!

    Take care, man, and God Bless!

  8. Hello Spanky. I do not frequent Stangnet much these days, but I was just devistated by your story of what is going on in your life. I am 35, married and have two children, 4 & 6, so I can't begin to imagine what you are going through even though it sounds like we have a bit in common.

    What I can say is this. I lost my mom 3 weeks ago today to cancer. She was diagnosed in July 2002 and underwent chemo/radiation from Oct to Dec of that year. We nearly lost her because of the treatments. While she rallied back in January 2003, she was only back at about 80% of what she was before that. She tired easily and still had some pain. Fast forward to January 2004 and she started throwing up alot. Turns out she had stomach cancer this time and it spread quickly. March 2nd we lost her.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is: forget any treatment that will make you weak. I honestly don't think it is worth it. Instead, get out there and live your life to it's fullest while you can. Enjoy your kids as well and make sure they will have enough memories of you to last a lifetime. I am SO thankful that we had that extra year with my mom. We did so many things and she did alot of things she had wanted to do....just in case something happened (which did). She was 57, ate healthy, never smoked, was very active doing things like mountain biking and kayaking, but she still lost the battle.

    I will finish by saying I am sorry for what you are going through. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts.

    Take care,
  9. Hey....

    Hey Spanky how's it going my friend.....

    Listen Buddy,i was very sick a few years ago,started losing weight from 215 to 160 was nausiated all the time i couldn't walk eat or do anything for that matter,and was forced to be in bed for at least 6 monts,i was still sick after a year but only because i was thinking positively i was able to heal my self.
    The Antibiotic did not work (i had 4-5 different kind at once)no meds worked .I was scared of not knowing what it was,slowly the testing begun and we ruled out the major issues like cancer,stomach inflamation(which can be worst)aids and all kinds of other things but still i was very sick.Some kind of a Virus that no one knew what it was,and all that stress and anger i had turned it into ulcer and stomach probblems which were major!
    I like you worked out every day,did not drink that much smoked occasionally,but nothing where you would think that it would get me sick!

    At some point i lost all the hope felt like if i can not laugh with my friends and share valuable moments with the loved ones i should rather die.
    I saw people just walking on the street and i was jelaous,i saw couples arguing and was thinking how stupid they are for not apreciating each other.
    I would often look out of the window and just see people wait at the bus station to go to work,and i was thinking ohhh God i would love to jump on the bus and go to work......i started apreciating the small things so much that it made me cry every day.
    There was money in the bank,but no place to spend it,there was a nice Nissan 300ZX TT in the Garage but i could not drive it......

    I had enough of being sick and all these mother F**** doctors who bought they're freakin diplomas somewhere in Iran.... ( i don't discriminate i'm from yugoslavia so i know what i'm talkin about)and did not have a clue what they arev talkin about but just gave you pills and sent you back home to bed.
    So every day i walked a little,every day i did one more thing then the day before,every day i went down to my car and started it up,the slowly i was driving it again,and nothing made me more happier that driving my car,and again the next day i walked and i drove and i got out of bed thinking today i'm gonna do better,i'm gonna feel better.....and you know what i did,thanx to my girl friend who was there every ****in day with me every night,who was crying with me,who was sleeping next to me and feeding me i felt better,thanx to my brother and my friends i felt better,even if not phisically right away menthally i was fine,i was very fine.....
    Appreciate your familly get 2nd 3rd and 4th opinions and paray my friend,miracles hapen every day,just take a look at this forum and how many people support you and pray for you,people who share the same passion like you.Everyone here is praying for you and you know what else i know you gonna be allright,u'll see just belive in it.......I wish you all the best my friend and if you ever need someone to talk to i think i can say from all of us here that we are here for you brother.....

    I'm in cali if you come to LA i will hook you up with anything you might need,the same goes for Switzerland,Germany,Italy,Yugoslavia,Greece :D
    I have a Big Family :)

    Keep your head up.....

    Your Friend Dean

    On mY Saleen look for the License Plate NOTUAGN :)
  10. Good luck man!
  11. Hey everyone, well thanks for all the support. My family and I greatly appreciate it. I'm sorry, I did mean to make you all sad. It just feels good to vent and this is a good place to vent. We all have similar interests and similar lives. As far as my prognosis, I caught it way too late. Its in my lungs, liver, kidneys, stomach, intestines. There is too much to remove and the kemo would kill me before it would kill it. I've saw some docs in Boston and New York and all said the same thing. Each time I pretended that it was my first visit. I'm keeping the faith but its tough on my wife. She is very down about all this. She tries to be strong in front of me but she doesn't sleep and is very nervous and restless. She worries me most. The kids are young and they see somethings wrong but don't understand. Which is good but I hope they are not troubled by this when they grow up. Luckily at a young age, I began planning for this, I have good insurance coverage and life insurance. I've also made some wise investments in money markets and real estate. This is my job, I'm a broker for a living and this is what I do. My main objective was always to take car of the family. I actually spent all day today putting everything in order. We made all the arrangements for hospice care. We've decided to having a live-in nurse when the time comes so I could be home with the whole family. Also made funeral arrangements which was wierd. "I asked if I could take the 05 GT model for a test drive'' which the wife even got a laugh out of but then we all broke down. But everything seems to be in order, all the finances, property and insurance. But it feels like I'm forgeting something. Oh well, Thanks everyone for the support. I'll try to get on here more often but right the oldest will be home from school and I am going to be there at the bus stop. Thanks
  12. hey....

    Do you mind me asking which state and city you live in.....?

  13. Hey Spanky, I was serious about you test driving the 05 GT. Make it your last selfish act, a goal as it were. I have a 03’ GT so I can’t justify purchasing a new car and I never go to dealerships for test drives ‘cause I know I will walk out with one so I rely on my fellow stang lovers to post there opinions.

    And don’t think for a minute that you’re burdening us in any way with your diagnosis. Hell, you remind us that we have a short time here and should live everyday to it’s fullest whether it’s for 2 more weeks or 30 more years.

    Keep us up to date and stay well.

    Edit: One other thing what's your first name Spanky
  14. Just a thought.....but have you thought about making a video of things you want your kids to hear later when they will understand it better? It amazes me how we havnt found the cure for cancer yet. The best thing we have is radiation, which I think in 100 years we will look back on as one of those dumb "medical" treatments. But I guess it does work for some people.

    If you have never seen the sun rise from a mountain top, I urge you to do so. Its really one of lifes more beautiful things. God bless you and your family.
  15. damn man, i'm sorry. i would seriously think about travelling to somewhere you've always wanted to go, or do something you've always wanted to. or several of both. and that tape idea might be a good one.... I'm sorry dude.
  16. I admire your courage. I don't think I could take that kind of news as well as you seem to. I will say a prayer for you. Best of luck.
  17. Hello -

    Though I frequent Stangnet's Forums, I actually found your story listed over at SVTPerformance -- some fellow-stangers wishing you the best.

    I too would like to wish both you and your family the best of luck. Stay Strong!
  18. Spanky,
    My eyes are full of tears. I am ready to cry. I want to see a miracle and to see you get better. I am speechless and I don't know what to say. I want you to get better. I don't know you, but I don't want anything bad to happen to you. I will pray for you so God can make you better. I really want God to help you so you will get better. I don't want you to leave us. Please don't give up hope. God bless you.
  19. Spanky, you're one tough guy. All the best to you and your family.
  20. I read through this whole thread before I finally broke down like a child and lost my composure.I don't understand how life would seem to throw this type of crap at somebody that has a very deserving right to a full life.I mean there are people that abuse their bodies and commit bad acts on to others and live to be a 100 the balance don't seem equal to me.

    I want you to know that there is nothing in life more important than life itself and how fragile it can be and in the end all we really have is eachother.I envy your strength and integrity to make sure things are straight for your family and if we can help as fellow stangers don't hesitate to ask us.I will pray for you my brother my heart hurts for you and your family god bless you.