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  1. Hey man.. I dont know what to say. I dont know you. I will probably never meet you. But you have REALLY woke me up today. The truth is, we dont live forever. Its one of the conditions of living. We have to make the most of what time we do have! Live EVERY day as if it was our last. Wether diagnosed with terminal cancer, or getting in a car accident on the way home, ne NEVER know when its going to happen. We can never be FULLY prepared. But we can change our lives. We can make what time we do have the best.
    You are a strong man. You seem to have a lot of love for your family in your heart. Its good to know that you are keeping the important things close to you. don't let that change. Miracles DO happen. I hope that you are that blessed. But if one does not come your way, dont leave this earth with any regrets. You seem to have your priorities straight. I myself am thankful for every second I am alive. If I were to die tomorrow, I don't think i would have any regrets! Thank you SO much for allowing me to open my eyes again. Thanks for the enlightenment.
    I hope the best for you. The best is MUCH DESERVED for you.

    Oh yeah,

    Go test drive a stang. Smiling is the worlds best medicine.
  2. Thank you Spanky for putting ALL of our lives into perspective.
    God bless you and your entire family.
    You know there are Mustangs in heaven.
  3. wow... i dont know what to say spanky. i didnt know you, although i wish i had. Im sittin at my computer in the middle of the night with tears in my eyes. I hope you are still around today, and im praying for you tonight. Good luck man, maybe ill see you in the next life. Keep on fighting, and never give up man. God Speed Brother.
  4. A quick thankyou Spanky, your posts have helped me to deal with some issues I was previously unwilling to deal with, and also shown me what courage really is. I think of you often even though I do not personally know you, and I wish you all the best the world has to offer.
  5. i drive 80 miles each way to work at a performance shop... along the way i see a lot of people while they're driving...

    a lot on cell phones, gabbing away, barely paying attention to the car their driving at 70-90mph.... see other people who look tired, stressed out, expressionless...

    i occasionally see a cute girl.. some who smoke, i always lament under my breath how "that sucks..."... and every once in a while i see a beautiful girl, whom when I pull next to smiles at me...

    one night when i was coming home from work after a nightmare of a day, i saw a beautiful girl in a red cougar. she was on her cell when i first saw her. i passed her but she caught upto me a bit down the road. she looked over and gave me a incredible smile. I felt really warm inside and just all the crap of my day was forgotten.. we hung together, side by side for a while.. i stuck my tongue out at her and she laughed and kept smiling at me :) while unfortunate, i didn't get her number and she got off at a different exit from me and I haven't seen her since.. but I'll never forget her face or how she made me feel.... she totally changed my day around with her smile..

    that little experience and feeling i believe is what is important in life. after all the bs at work, money, cars, all the material stuff.. its how we interact with others and feel about ourselves and the perspective we see through that makes the difference between dealing with life or living life to its fullest.

    Smile, do good for others, make a difference in the lives of others and it will be reciprocated and never forgotten. I'll never forget the girl in the red cougar or that it was a friday night around 7pm on route 18 south... hard to forget when it felt so good :)
  6. May God bless you and your family. Is there a mutual friend of Spanky's on here who can give us an update on his condition?
  7. Good luck and enjoy the rest of your time, from reading what you write i see you a one stand up guy, and i and sure the world will miss you. Even know you dont Know me I kown ill miss you. I will pray for you and your family.

    Thank you for sharing some of your time with us if there is any need your family has Just ask and i am sure we will all do our best to fill it.

  8. You are in my prayers.. Stay strong and fight and pray for guidance from God he loves you and will not desert you in your time of need.

    A few more inspirational quotes for you:

    Hold on to what is good,
    even if it's a handful of earth.
    Hold on to what you believe,
    Even if it's a tree that stands by itself.
    Hold on to what you must do,
    Even if it's a long way from here.
    Hold on to your life,
    Even if it's easier to let go.
    Hold on to my hand,
    Even if I've gone away from you.

    Pueblo Indian Prayer

    Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.
    Life is beauty, admire it.
    Life is bliss, taste it.
    Life is a dream, realize it.
    Life is a challenge, meet it.
    Life is a duty, complete it.
    Life is a game, play it.
    Life is a promise, fulfill it.
    Life is sorrow, overcome it.
    Life is a song, sing it.
    Life is a struggle, accept it.
    Life is a tragedy, confront it.
    Life is an adventure, dare it.
    Life is luck, make it.
    Life is too precious, do not destroy it.
    Life is life, fight for it.

    Mother Teresa
    Catholic Nun, Missionary
    Nobel Peace Prize Recipient

    And I am sure you have received lots of information on cancer but this site may be able to help you with some questions and answers for you, your children, your wife, and your family.

    May God bless and take care of you and your family.
  9. Hi Spanky, like everyone else here I am deeply moved with your situation. I rarely pray. But now I do for your best wishes. Life is relative, at some point we all meet in the other world. You will never be alone! Meet you there soon good buddy!! :flag:
  10. Wow man I am sorry, I dont even know what to say. Stay strong and dont give up. I rarley ever pray but I will be sure to send you my prayers tonight. I got all teary eyed like a little school girl just reading this. My thoughts go out to you and your family. If you ever need donations to you or your family, post up where to send it to because I am sure there are alot of people such as myself who would gladly send money to make thing better for you and your family. Stay strong..

  11. Spanky, we'll all meet you in Mustang heaven one day. :)

    My thoughts are with you and your family, stay strong to the very end.
  12. and we never heard from him again.... :(
  13. :(...... God Bless
  14. I'll keep both you and your family in my prayers. God bless.
  15. I obviously can't even pretend to know what you are going through, but as said in many of the above posts, you and your family are in my prayers, and I hope everything works out.

    Peace, man.

    Edit: I just saw how old this thread was.
    God bless him and his family.
  16. My prayers go out to you spanky. I pray that you asked for salvation. I pray that your family is well. Folks don't forget to tell your family you love them. I have been Ff/paramedic for 15 years and you never know when your time is up. I never so this thread before. Man I wish I could of spoke to him once. God bless you all.
  17. Spanky, although I don't know you personally, I would just like to say that my family and myself, are praying for a miracle, so you just hang in there, and don't ever give up hope.. Because all of us, in this forum are praying for you and for all the doctors, to heal you through God's wisdom, by his amazing healing powers, and once again please know that, you're not alone, and were all with you as one family, in the brotherhood of Christ...Rocky P.
  18. I hope that future posters will take the time to read the post and see that this was over two years ago. He was saying he wont be able to buy an O5 stang because they werent out yet.
  19. Does anybody know what ever happened. I read every post from the start because it was such a touching post. I know he said the doctors gave him 1-2 years and that was back in 04. If you are still with us spanky442 I pray for you, and if you have past on I send all my prayers to your family. You sounded like a very wonderful guy:flag:
  20. +1