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  1. [​IMG]

    what do you guys think.. i know they are mostly subtle changes, but i dont think this car needs much.
  2. That is the most sexiest red X I have EVER SEEN!


    Wish Ford will put this one out soon!

    JK, Pic doesnt work on this end.
  3. can someone help me out.. i thought i could use the URL from uploading it in my gallery.. but for some reason thats not working.. any ideas?
  4. The side exhaust looks awesome. Truly does. The rims have 2 too many spokes and it says its a 5 liter mustang but has a 4.6 tag. Other than that, nice..
  5. 5 liter mustang is my Screen Name.. i just realized the confusion it would cause, but i was trying to sign it so some people can't just post it as their own, although it doesn't really do much
  6. Looks good. I really hope Ford offers a duckbutt spoiler for 2006. That's when I'll be ready to buy and I really love that look.

  7. it's alright
  8. i like that one. most people are putting gigantic cowl hoods on. I think it looks sweet with just a 1.5, which that looks like. ducktail is sweet too. not too keen on the side exhaust or the wheels though...nice work
  9. i used an 03 cobra spoiler btw
  10. different wheels, more ducktail-ish spoiler, no side exhaust...I like it
  11. oops

    ok I don't know why my attachments won't show

  12. Go up for pic
  13. wow I just realized how big that side exhaust looks...looks like a 4 inch ricer tip to offense
  14. I def. like the smaller cowl. I like the wheels in the second one...nice job
  15. Duckbutt = Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.
  16. I like the photoshop, man. Can you make one in that same color with either chrome Bullitt's or Cragar S/S wheels?
  17. if you go by the size of the wheels, the exhaust tip can be no larger than 2.5 or 3" or so... i actually think it looks good, better than the viper's side exhaust, actually...