One of our own is in need of help............

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  1. Most of you guys probably don't know Craig, he is one of the quieter members on the numerous Mustang forums.

    Craig is a great friend and supporter. Always there to help another member out, even if he didn't know you.

    It's sad how the good guy's end up in these heart wrenching situations!!!

    Up to this point Craig has been dealing with huge health issues (Cancer).

    Well, he just shared with us that things have taken a terrible turn for the worse. The doctors informed him that he only has a few weeks to live. Craig is an inspiration. He has stayed positive about the situation, but his wife is saddled with overwhelming medical bills.

    His wish is to help alleviate some of this burden before his demise.

    You can help Craig and his family!

    PLEASE click here and donate:

    Help Craig A bone marrow transplantee – MTV True Life

    I thank everyone for there time in reading this and would appreciate anything you could do to help Craig and his Family.
  2. TTT, everyday is a gift for this young man............
  3. Thanks again for the support Stangnet, I think we all look at Craig's situation as it could be our own at any given moment. It's nice to know that our Mustang community is there for each other.
    Please continue with any support via financial or just a kind word. Craig is leaning on all of us and I wanna continue to help him in every way possible.....:
  4. Well the day everyone knew was coming has sadly arrived!!!

    I would like to personally thank everyine who donated what they could, it's what Craig wanted.........To be sure his wife was cared for in his absence and not riddled with his medical bills.

    below is a qoute from Craigs beloved Wife Kat.........