One Piece Floor Pan In A Convertible

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  1. So I'm trying to get this one piece floor pan into my '65 convertible. How is this supposed to fit in there!? The front section is no problem, but i don't see a way to get the rear seat area bent down and under the pieces that run on the outside of where the top spring things/hydraulics go.

    Has anyone put one of these in a convertible and can help me out here? If all else fails I'm going to have to cut the pan and then weld it back together, I was just hoping not to.
  2. .to get the sides in ,lock one side in under the inner rocker and with help carefully lift on the tunnel front and back and force the other side under the other inner rocker .it is a pain in the butt but it will go ,.watch your fingers .
  3. my problem isn't with the inner rockers, it's the rear seat area. There's a part in the car that comes down from the side of the seat back and connects to the inner rocker. I have to get the floor under that piece and I see no way of doing it.
  4. yeah, you will have to bow it in by lifting up in the center and bending the sides in place kinda of folding it but not so far it folds up
  5. the hardest part about getting under that brace is making sure you got all the old floor pieces and burs out from under it. if anything is left the floor will not go under it
  6. I caved and just cut the floor pan. I cut it straight back from the inside edge of the torque boxes on both sides. There was no way that thing was going in there. I had a hard enough time getting the side pieces in by themselves. In other news, the floor is about 80% in. I just need to finish off a few welds and then I'm onto other stuff.