Progress Thread One piece headlights

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  1. I'm digging my one piece headlights.


    Much better than my old smoked set.
  2. I've got clear corners, they're extra clean, but 2 piece. Which is fine too.

    what kind are those?
  3. Everyone seems to sell them.
    I got these from American Muscle.
    I did have to reattach the rubber/foam piece with some black RTV though.
    I liked the look of the smoked ones but they were just too dark at night even after I got some brighter bulbs.
  4. Those look really good. Probably the best one piece lights I've seen. :nice:
  5. Got some 30mm wheels spacers for the rear wheels. Looks much better :)


  6. it looks way better, like it belongs. Meatier
  7. looks good were did you get the spacers? I want to get a set for mine but I was told on some of them you have to cut the stock studs.
  8. I got them from here:

    You have few options with the stock tri-bars:
    1) Cut off the non threaded part of the stock studs.
    2) Install shorter studs.
    3) drill relief holes in the stock wheels to clear the stock studs.

    On the passenger side I already had 2 studs replaced when a Goodyear auto center cross threaded them.
    They also managed to cross thread one on the front too. I was uber pist! :mad:
    I just cut off the tips of the 3 stock studs on that side.
    On the driver side I used a 7/16th drill bit and drilled relief holes 1/4" deep. I did not drill all the way through!
  9. Why not by new wheels? :shrug: With all the aggressive driving I do, I don't trust spacers
  10. I actually like the Tri-bar wheels and the spacers should be able to handle anything I throw at them.
    Hell, my brother's Jeep Rubicon Unlimited uses spacers on all four corners and rock crawls with them.
    His wheels and tires weigh much more than mine.
  11. I forgot to say that you car is the same color as mine and same rims package. If mine still had that fresh of a coat of paint then that's what it'd look like:p

    Did you ever get it repainted?
  12. Thanks!
    The pics are deceiving.
    Every body panel is a different shade of laser red.
    There's a couple small door dings and some rock chips up front.
    Other than that it is pretty straight car considering it's age.
    I did have my wheels recondition to better than new a few years back.
    I am seriously thinking of doing a complete vinyl wrap on the car.
  13. If you do, I'd love to see how it comes out.
    I'm inbetween paying for a decent paint job or just letting it be.

    and I was wondering why your rims looked so clean:p
  14. Very nice. I think something like that would look good on my car too. Have you considered having the rear wheels widened? The best of both worlds! I'm sure you could find another set or pair for cheap if you don't want to mess with the originals.
  15. Thanks man.
    Yeah, I've considered widening the rears but figured this would be the more economical route and immediate way to get the look I wanted.
    It's on the list but it's way down on there with low priority.
  16. Update:

    Fixed my summit racing wideband sensor (re-badge Innovate gauge). Found white wire came loose from ground.

    Bought a second hand PMAS 80mm sensor cal'd for 42s and a set of 42lb injectors. I want to get my Paxton back in without using the FMU.