One Thing I Hate With A Passion On The New Mustang...

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  1. …is the cheap ass black plastic side skirts. I HATE when manufacturers do this, because it's always the #1 way to end up dating the car because inevitably at the mid cycle refresh after a few years they paint these body color or change them out with a different skirt that is body color.

    The new Mustang might look hot now, but in 3 years when Ford paints those skirts body color, the new Mustang is going to look outdated, fast. I always hate that.
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  2. I don't know - that seems to be the style of the time - have the "lip" black. I think the sideskirts look like they do something with minimal show. I get the impression from the bottom profile and the skirts , front / rear lips that the aero under the car is pretty well-engineered. I would like to see it. I would like to see the car without the skirts though, as I think it would make the "waist" of the car look skinnier - but it might make the ground clearance more noticeable too.
  3. Nothing new, they have been that way since 2010 and I imagine they will stay that way for some time. I'm not fan of them , to me the scream 80's Pontiac,but I don't hate them either. They do protect the finish, they are less expensive to replace if damaged, since no finishing is needed and by making them black, it creates the illusion that the car is longer and lower then it is.
  4. i like it. plastic doesn't chip.
  5. I agree it is cheap to replace and wears less quickly but it fades to gray and looks terrible in no time. Just look at any ZJ or WJ Grand Cherokee.
    That being said, if I had one I'd probably take extra care of the car in general and especially the lower skirts to keep this from happening.
  6. YES, thank you. My exact thoughts, and I was just about to post a thread on it.
  7. To reiterate what others have said: it isn't new to the 2015. Compare 2011 to 2013:



    It's the small things that evolve during the car's generation. Just saying.